New railway exchange links often made mistakes

links are important to website rankings, so many people like to exchange. Here is the webmaster exchange connection misunderstanding. My new Duke in exchange connection will encounter the following problems. This is mainly for new sites.

in general, the new station exchange connection can be summarized as 4 words: "better than


1.PR problem. Many owners fancy high PR, this is normal, arguably PR high quality of the site should be good. But you no new PR time, how can you ask others to say PR high energy, high PR station and how will you a new PR change? I have encountered such a webmaster, he and I want to do a more than 1 years of PR=3 industry exchange links, and his the station is a railway station, Baidu included, only few articles included 20 contents, PR=0, even Alexa ranking is 0. Plus I QQ up, and I said, and I want to change the home page connection. When I say your station needs improvement, we change the connection. Did not expect the station directly to the sentence: you are very cow ah, also cattle than Baidu. My station is new, but collected 20 days (20 days included, he took this off), I kuangyun! Do not know the webmaster stand in my view will change? So new not too fancy PR.

2. included questions. The more you think, the better. The station that thinks only one page is garbage. It’s better to include 5 pages than a page. Actually, this is the 50 step. Quantity does not explain what, new sites are often included only a home page, or someone else’s station is a single page. You and he did home page connection, not the internal page connection, as long as the included on the line.

3. snapshot problem. This is certainly the better the time, but new sites in the early, there is an inspection period. Not regularly update your snapshot. In fact, the snapshot does not update, does not mean that spiders do not climb. If the spider comes crawling, you will know your link. So don’t be too demanding on this time, unless the snapshot is two months ago.

4. related content issues. Many people like to find content related links, so that’s good. But so many related connections ah, especially some industry station, enterprise station is related to less, you 10 and a half months may not find a few related. On the contrary, I can exchange 10 a day in a group that exchanges QQ, and we see who is in high rank. The role of the connection, for example: if 10 doctors said that a doctor is a good doctor and 100 patient said a doctor is a good doctor, which makes people believe that some? So new sites in exchange connection, my opinion is: do not lack rather indiscriminate. As long as it is included, not illegal. He collected several articles, what content change. If he’s got K, rip off his connection in time.

The problem of

5. switching mode. This is to say something about the exchange connection in the Admin5 forum. I >

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