Remember Baidu K station event affected webmaster solve the problem is kingly way

introduction: the first paragraph should call recently circle the most lively is when the Baidu continuous K station thing, make every webmaster and raise a Babel of criticism of the SEO, Q group biography by K station collective click Baidu for advertising, want to force Baidu for customer temporary cancellation bidding, bidding pressure applied to Baidu then indirectly to Baidu search on Baidu search for the corresponding interpretation and dialogue channels. Instead of commenting on the twists and turns of the "expert" on the Internet, it was in an objective perspective that neither benefited nor hurt much.

about the participants in the anti Baidu event:

does not discuss the specific algorithm, Baidu total flow will not have too big change, we all stand down must go up, put aside by Baidu, the purpose is to attack the station and the station group, so there is indeed a part of high-quality content site traffic increased, if you stand to be punished, or collecting station group is calm, harming the complaints, I think these people involved in anti Baidu activities, there are a lot of people are doing garbage station group or malicious traffic is strong, I see people first by the contents of the evaluation of a brother who said "I 20 stations are K, right, a person doing 20 station? How many meaningful content? In addition to the acquisition or small group, may I see little I can’t think of anything else, this kind of person should be fish in troubled water. Be a regular friend or be a positive complaint to solve the problem. Why waste time being exploited? (who knows if there is any ulterior motive behind this?)

about this update, Baidu and punished webmaster should not reflect on it,


said the objective Baidu update algorithm, the starting point is good, crack down on station and station group, but the algorithm upgrade process some humanity, not to the webmaster of psychological preparation, without any warning, in fact, Baidu used to do, but at this time is not suitable for such a cold the operation process, Baidu needs to improve the algorithm upgrade process, good interaction and the webmaster, the fact that Baidu has been trying this year, Baidu this year than before has been trying hard to open, and try to build a bridge of communication station, but did not do well, this incident also should cause reflection of Baidu search Department and Webmaster Platform;

small Webmaster Station was K the mood is understandable, but also back to see oneself do stand is not really from the angle of operation and value to the user? Or just to SEO, piecing together the articles, according to the key words hard pull out the original article to think calmly? In fact, the punishment of the station has a lot of this situation, if you stand really is worth doing to help users solve the needs of operation but also is punished for the user, then complaints it:, do other useless.

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