New station five hours by Google included method

my website is the station: Everything cares about

The domain name

is the application. The day before yesterday morning open station, collected some articles and pictures, because personal websites do not allow video, then I will make a framework of it, as with the network, so there is no copyright disputes! After a busy two hours: caring station there is a certain content of.

below for my website, let Google the shortest time to include the method of introduction:

first, I do a very simple ", reprinted a few popular articles, and these articles poured out, become retroverse. (because this article only to see a spider ^_^) to see my care about everything in the article.Htm the key words: all about doing a few the link to the site.

then reprinted the article in my blog and link.

two hours later, I went to the server to check the IIS log, hey hey, Google spider came a lot. Five hours later, to Google site a little, ha ha, really was included in the.

second days (i.e. yesterday), Google included my website home page at the same time, Qihoo and soso are included in my website today, Qihoo to a lot of traffic. But today I put this new Google "K out, (this I was a bit puzzled, still studying ^_^)

checked the IIS log today and found that Baidu spiders began to crawl frantically on my website, too. Baidu also began to fall in love with my station,.

above is only a personal experience of building a small station, hereby share! The first time to write the article, oh, a bit confused, but also please predecessors pointing.

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