Tracking optimizing user access footprint reflecting the trust of the site

user experience design has been on the importance of website security, user trust, but for the webmaster, beware of users access to the site is reflected on the page of a virus attack or contact details is a sense of security and trust? The author visits the site from a user’s point of view, and share with me as a the "user", which optimization design in website can let me on the website of the deeper trust.

when the first impression is very important

No matter in the way and

users care sites, the first impression is very important to the user left, saying "the first impression to visitors First impressions are strongest, if not good, so for the user, even if your content or service information is very real, so they will not believe you, because in their consciousness, they have to give your location.

, for example, to open a website, no other users see the page content is what? A floating window advertising has covered the entire page, I ask, if you, on this site, you give them the confidence to play? (in general, the author is looking for "the most direct action close button). Users prefer to open the web site, page layout is neat, the content of the page is clearly visible before the show.

savor the content is the true meaning of

when I am convinced by the first impression of the website, I will explore the content of the website more deeply. Update will first table page on the news from the class, see if a news update time is very old, so for this website, just holding entertainment or look at the state of mind, but if the content is updated faster, will gradually shift from accidentally slowly to


after a short time, I will be transferred to the sight of the title, the user’s ability to reflect here is very quick, he can in 0.1 seconds, judge two contents: whether the content and related website (in fact is the judgment of this content is not what I need is second); the title of the novel judgment (to stimulate their interest in watching).

does not click on the details page when it meets three user detection criteria. How to transfer the contents of the same sense of trust, how to tell the user "we are sincerely for your service, allowing users to feel this website just" "this is what I’m looking for original content"?? the product or service details? Or a string of numbers, if more carefully you will use the chart information? In fact, these are not important, important is the user’s needs and interests ".

eager to flow the process to prompt trust

"easy things easy to lose, rare thing to lose, if the user of your product or service of interest, so they will try to go all the way here, need a little for a user, don’t let them feel free to register an account, fill out a form or send a letter >

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