Micro blog vertical search to improve the search with complementary sticky luster

recently, Google announced its withdrawal from China, Baidu’s market share further improved, and other search engines to carve up the market situation has become an indisputable fact. On the one hand, there is huge market potential; on the other hand, homogeneous search environment is difficult to reflect the advantages of vertical industry. Vertical industry users have a lot of new search needs, which the comprehensive search engines can’t satisfy. But in this case, vertical search portal will suddenly emerge, seize the market. As a new search portal where the online travel industry (www.quna.com), focus on the online travel industry related search, provide air tickets, hotels, train tickets, discount, visa, attractions tickets, car rental, flowers, and other aspects of the search service small passenger. Through the search technology, all suppliers will be all of the information displayed, users can search by price, service, brand angle and finally booking of hotel, air tickets, car rental, and get visa attractions tickets discount.

vertical search industry in addition to preferential prices by searching more "neutral" "justice" "more accurate" to explore the field of industry, let users find the most "value" and "price discount" the most trustworthy "service, improve the site stickiness is equally important, the high viscous stability of user groups, improve customer loyalty, and stable market share and improve the competitiveness. Such as online travel industry, improve user stickiness, in addition to optimizing the user experience, carry out a variety of return gold discount activities, and the community has always been a good combination of methods. Go where the new network launched micro blog service http://s.t.quna.com/, on the one hand, now micro-blog tide is winning, you can seize the user to catch up with the network trend of psychology, quickly use micro-blog gathered users, improve website stickiness. Micro-blog, on the other hand, is fast and widespread. Users can use micro-blog to disseminate the latest information about tourist attractions, weather conditions, tickets, discount information, hotel occupancy and other information, and complement each other with vertical search engines.

is China netizens nicknamed "micro blog Weibo", not only is more interactive than SNS, can even through the authenticity of the feedback information, and the needs of users. Where to go, micro-blog aims to become a simple record and fast sharing tool, as long as a word, mobile phones, computers can update what you see and feel. Record travel experiences, travel experiences, share travel and discounts, and find people with similar interests or interests through micro-blog. To which network, micro-blog also introduced a number of features, such as celebrity libraries, casual look, hot micro-blog, looking for friends. Looking for a friend can help you find exactly what you might know, and a casual look at you can make friends with strangers in casual browsing. Hot micro-blog shows which people are active through micro-blog. The celebrity library invites many celebrities to join, not only to attract more users, but also to improve the real-time interactivity and entertainment of the website.

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