Web design novice with the master is critical

as the saying goes, "the master takes the door and practices the individual."". This sentence is used to educate their countless older junior. However, although the practice depends on individuals, but when the master takes the door, he also needs a good master.

when we are still in the rookie period, when we are ignorant of web design, when we still feel sorry for our own ignorance…… Then we need a good master to lead us to the right path.


In the

entertainment world, there is a saying: "Xiao Shenyang’s fame depends entirely on the teachings of Zhao Benshan, a good master."." This sentence reflects the importance of a good master.

because of the special nature of web designers, we need to master a lot of computer technology and the use of some software. Computer technology is OK, especially with the use of software, complex or simple software, just by searching a little bit of experience at Baidu, and learning to do it, and then claiming to be able to do it? NO. isn’t like that.

takes PS for example. Now, with so many PS tutorials and experiences on Baidu, if you learn everything, I’m sure you’ll fail at 99.9%. Network, a platform used by billions of people, the same course, the technical explanation you’ve just learned, and the one you’re looking at now, will probably make a difference. Experience and understanding vary from person to person. A man accepts two or three different opinions at the most, and if he gets more, he feels confused, contradictory, not understanding and irritable.

from this point of view, a new person, a web design novice. Should be seriously looking for that can teach their own experience, you can teach yourself, you can lead yourself in the web designer industry has been going down the master. Then go to him with an open mind, write down what the master said, every move, and stick to the one you love now.

"day as a teacher, father of a lifetime." This sentence also clearly said the importance of the master. Seriously, choose a good teacher, because the UED user experience design blog, especially for a new web designer, is very important to the master.

web design technology is not overnight, need to patiently hone


nothing in the world can be accomplished without pains. If you want to gain something, you must pay corresponding efforts. Only through the baptism of wind and rain can you see the beauty of the rainbow.

web design as part of a design in the field, want to succeed in them is even more difficult, because the design itself is more flexible than other stereotypes that occupation is a one, two is two. Therefore, if you want to improve the design of web pages, you must pay more patience and effort. It is the so-called "Bao Jianfeng from >"

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