Watercress had to slow 9 years is feelings or encounter bottlenecks

introduction: March 2005, watercress online line. Now, watercress is closer to its tenth year. This has been accepted as a typical UGC (user generated content) in the mobile business community, the outbreak of the bear questioned: whether it is the initiation of the industry go too slow, its business model is a problem


maybe by the end of the 10 birthday, there will be some media coming out and taking the time node to do all kinds of reading and interview. We are not deliberately waiting for that time node, purely impulsive, intends to this is not a commemoration of the moment, to recall the watercress thing.

we cannot reach a North, as this "is light and slow, the head is quiet", he shows the incomparable low-key; we want to find some of the parties, but they have been found in different forms hidden in the previous reports, only left some people scattered figure.

because we ourselves are to explore how the bean from absolutely ignorant of start, get from topic to a week now, we try to make up classes, nor their understanding of how much progress can bean. So, plainly, it might be an essay that is not objective, biased, mixed with ignorance and speculation.


watercress founder North (Yang Bo)

but, if in the past 9 years, is reading this you have more or less, directly or indirectly by the website, and it’s influence and influence, so we feel that you should be interested and we together, in the past to bean contemplation.


watercress has been established for more than 9 years, but it has not yet achieved some analysts and forecasters predict the outbreak of the situation.


looked ahead, I found that 2011 was a year worth talking about. This year, watercress is at its historic high.

‘s ranking in Alexa, watercress, has fallen from 172nd in 2011 to 314 in 2014. Google cited the world’s 1000 most visited website in 2011, ranked 172nd in the rankings even higher than that of Jingdong and watercress Jiayuan mall.

Founded in early 2011, Alexa was ranked 143 in August this year, and has surpassed 157 people in all networks, and around the world it is entering the world’s top 1000.

was in 2011, and Northern (Yang Bo) wrote an article in the official blog of watercress called "the original intention of watercress". Today, we are looking for more about watercress, but there are many in the know almost found. Know about and shell, fried eggs, ACFun/Bili>

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