36930 digital network to remind you webmaster to success you insist

many people are wondering a problem: I than Li Xingping high degree, I was OCS early, he did I have, I have more experience than he, more brains, more resources, why I was not successful


why did you succeed,


answer: simple focus. If you see me this article, a good understanding of the value of these 4 words, if you can not understand, you will use a brush to write down, engraved in your most conspicuous place, every day to study these 4 words.

this era is the era of content for the king, the user is not concerned about the end of your website means of operation, publicity effect, it is only concerned about the same thing, that is content. Content is especially important in China’s Internet Oriented entertainment oriented period. Like 36930 digital network, just a dozen days, Baidu has been included, and updated every day, the reason is that it can persist, adhere to, and then adhere to!!!


insists on updating the website every day, updating at least 15 more than 36930 digital files per day, all hand – made articles. To tell the truth, very tired, but I know that only in this way, Baidu, GG and other search engines will be included in my station, will bring me traffic. Insist on is right, the second Friday, Baidu included……

, if we consider ourselves, discuss their own site a year master, first of all personal AdSense for standing capital, should be three, respectively, technology, capital, and creativity. These three aspects if you really have the one you will reflect their own values, but we are often the first to lose is because of the latter, follow the trend, we have forgotten what is divergent thinking, what is the spirit of innovation.

high a lot, so they rely on their own with the technology, design the plug-in, plug-in or imitation, imitation or template authoring template obtained by RMB, is that they have the capital, things always shoot two hawks with one arrow, I am far away. So when I began to pray, found himself several technical product followers, rather than technical product embodiment, so we in the free plug-in and templates are constantly looking for their own thoughts do not produce their own broken foot


then some people will ask, what do you think you like a miser, do not spend money to buy? The problem here, in my consumer surplus when there are tens of dollars, buy a few hundred or even thousands of templates or inserted into the frame, that is Arabian Nights will be considered a fantasy. Frankly, I have no capital to show off. So, the three cornerstones of the website have not played a role for me, then we must not do the website, can we do the website and do the website, will it be successful?.

so we insist on, insist on reality and dream slot network network in the rough, hope in the winter after feeling the warmth of spring, so we need to wait from awake, don’t imagine someone will give you do you love the plug-in, don’t imagine there will be free.

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