How to open a good old shop

on the current market, a lot of business opportunities after the birth of quickly won numerous investors must, however, if you want to do this business, in fact, there are more business skills, with more attention. So, how to open a good old shop? Let me see small series of.

want to do business for the elderly, we need to think about what the elderly need. From the health care products, to all kinds of daily necessities, in fact, this business is not small.

elderly supplies store to do the business of the elderly, there are generally two kinds of customer groups. One is the family of the elderly adults, this kind of people basically have a home with children; one is the elderly themselves. The former is more likely to buy than the latter. To focus on such two customer groups, neighborhood should be a good choice, the business can also be near the super, but the large shopping mall is not appropriate, because the possibility of a small shopping mall.

as a child to buy things for the elderly, the price should not be the most important, the most important thing is how the quality of the elderly is not helpful. The old people’s purchasing power is actually, so most of the TV shopping are selling health products for the elderly, because older people love to watch TV at home, then TV marketing will continue to say how good the products are also used, other elderly people do, slowly old people believe, will call the purchase, so the number of TV shopping in the elderly than young people more.

open old shop, maybe not immediately do well, but as time goes on, you will slowly become much older partners, they trust you, you have what new products to them, they are more likely to believe. Most of the elderly can not accept the ability, you need to spend time to coach them, tell them how to use, how to use, what matters. This time you have done well, he will be able to remember you, in the future there will be any need to tell you, you can help him to purchase.

a lot of old people’s products are mixed in the general merchandise sales, really suitable for the elderly is not much, can only say that in the shopping process, found the right to bring a home with the elderly. Why not use such business opportunities? Because on the whole, the elderly demand for clothing and other supplies is not large, the price is also more critical. Not to mention the elderly elderly people’s aesthetic habits, and young people are not the same, the owner of the relatively high demand, purchase channels also need to find a store, so the elderly and young people than to open a store easier.

elderly people are not as good as young people to buy things, always hesitate for a long time, feel that they really need to buy. If you do not use it, you will not buy, but also rarely take the initiative to buy clothes. These habits make people feel the whole sale is too slow, recommend

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