Grassroots webmaster read a magic

as a member of the grassroots webmaster, I put N much affection on the network, but the network did not bird me, mixed the heart suspended in midair, neither dead nor alive. Winter is about to go, the weather began to warm up, fingers become flexible, lonely intolerable, come up with a few words to keep as a souvenir.

grassroots webmaster, some people like to play amateur, some people love to play full-time.

. Amateur grassroots Webmaster: this ticket people, are TMD chic life, with fixed wage income, playing site is purely interested in interest, do not care how much money. Solve a technical problem can be excited for half a day, that is a sense of accomplishment, no RMB anything.

two. Full-time grassroots Webmaster: these buddies, sisters are to make money on the website, seek a happy life, holding lofty yearning, survival is kingly way, money is indispensable. The patterns are varied and classified as follows.

1. garbage website A: got N spam sites, old station push new sites, rush registered traffic domain name, hang N ad, play N advertising.

2. garbage website B: got N download site, software simply can not download, just grab search engine keywords, users through search engines after coming in, see is N advertising, +N pop advertising.

3. garbage website C: learned ABC, all over the world are not afraid. Got N English website, in GOOGLE optimized N commercial keywords, server space in foreign countries, the account is also foreign, advertising put GOOGLE.

4. garbage website D: optimize professional key words, for example: talent class site got N, all is CN domain name (because 2008 CN domain name cheap). XX talent network. Keyword optimization, search engines bring a lot of people. Put GOOGLE ads on your site. Hundreds of websites have accumulated so much revenue,

5. development products: do this thing is the technology cattle, a person to do development, sales. Rely on technology to eat, to sell software to make money, some people buy copies. Web site development, desktop small software, you can do.

, for example, some CMS programs are born at the grassroots level. There is a buddy to develop mass mailing software, but also engaged in a sales network, more than a dozen people online to help him sell software, revenue is very good.

6. industry website: professional website is very strong, the income point is very clear, the income is enterprise membership fees.

: for example, on the website of the automobile network, the telephone of the sales company is published, and the users contact the company.

the key point is: you want to monitor what users contact the company (let users send text messages online). Then you have to contact your friends and pay a return visit. If you have a deal, you need to know about the sales company. Call the sales company to join the membership without deleting his information on the website. Ha ha, speak tactfully, don’t do the same as the underworld. Reminds me of the pesky resources. This kind of website >

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