cn domain name to ensure that the site was included in Baidu

.Cn domain name 1 yuan registration, causing domain name garbage flooding, domestic search engine big brother took some measures

1: some out of date websites no longer update search data every day.

2: to.Cn domain name site included, take a wait-and-see attitude.

, so a lot of Web sites, for a few months or even longer, have not been included in the search engine.

for the emergence of this situation, really do stand.Cn webmaster is very anxious. How do you solve this problem,


1, do external connection, find have been Baidu included site do connection,

2, adhere to update the content of the web site, do external connection, Baidu will pay attention to your site, but can’t guarantee included. The quality of the site and update degree, baidu is very important.

take the above 2 ways, your site basic 1 months will be Baidu included.

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