Do stand if condensed into four words that is adhere to the faith

      by 2008, already 2 years, time is really fast ah, almost all his spare time every day to spend on their website, although the website looks very old, but not many IP think of the establishment of the process every time is so interesting. If you do stand, if condensed into four words, in fact, is: adhere to the faith (of course, many factors of success, but there is no such four words is impossible)! I believe many webmaster have the same experience. Because I believe that people who have not experienced cannot understand it.

      in 2006, suddenly realized what he should do in his spare time. So I started looking for my own project". I have no technology, no education, no funds, ha ha, finally chose to do the website. Of course, I do ten websites through nine orifices, that is, I don’t know anything about it. Hehe, I start learning from scratch. (I believe that the spirit of pioneers worth learning is: facing the bleak and fearless). At that time, think of women is a big Internet users, but also not too much to consider, decided to do a female station. Go to the bookstore and bought the frontpage for three days, began to do "on the computer (up to now have the magic oh). Just learn to do ", began planning their first name, in the time domain name registration fee but the mind, just think that since the woman standing will have the word lady, but they think good names are registered (then realized that my mind is too backward than others), after much deliberation Qiao (pretty) decided to use Pinyin in combination with lady, because" smart "is beautiful, smart, cute, I hope I stand woman is a pretty woman, ha ha, the final choice of the domain name

      Ben Zhuo made several pages and link to each other, and the application of the statistical software plus, even if this be accomplished, his heart is very pleased (up to now was to do so "children", ha ha). Later bought 100M space, my "pretty woman web site" so opened. From the first day I uploaded it to the space, I did some web pages every day. It took some time for me to realize a very important problem. Nobody came to see my website! So fancy to Baidu Post Bar, crazy post, an hour to send hundreds of articles, then confidently waiting for IP to come, but no one had been administrator deleted (let me a growth experience, hehe), then slowly honest do stand, have one day suddenly found IP, PR to 2, hey, happy! Half a year later, it was discovered that using frontpage as a station, it seems to be an ice age. Later learned CMS, know QQ and group, only know more stationmaster, learning their website to share their experience, the establishment of happiness and unhappiness, realized that choice is the establishment of how lucky.

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