Classification information station traffic rapid promotion alternative method

          I have been a loyal ADMIN5 webmaster, recently found more and more soft home, it seems as a stationmaster net friends said that "very good, very powerful, you must also get a lot of traffic, but really useful things to the webmaster it is less and less, recently coincided with the Shouyang, so the treasure, please paizhuan.

        a few days ago he mentioned in the text, in order to allow businesses to classified information station advertising, by buying their own commodities businesses, so businesses that advertise the value, I think this method is very good. This item is all small items, and it doesn’t cost much. The next thing I want to talk about is some other ways to improve the classification of information stations.

        first, classification of information flow station quickly upgrade the acquisition method of offbeat outside the box

        classification information stations want to have traffic, you need a lot of content to support, and no traffic, where does it come from? Picture station, news station can be collected, the information station why not try to collect it?. 58 city, Qi off set station classification information content is very rich, such as adhering to the collection every day, so a few days your site can have a massive information, then waiting for Baidu included. My site is to do so in the station at the beginning, then by gathering information that Baidu quickly included my station number ", Suzhou secondary network ( is the key word in Baidu search ranked first.

      two; classification information station traffic; rapid promotion; alternative methods of beauty temptation

 :     beauty is a man who likes to just stand and publish such a message: "beauty looking for a handsome boyfriend" will attract a large number of "flower thieves" (are you in it? It is not ^_^), there is no beauty what resources? Are you not well, do it yourself, cook full. So, after looking for beauty on the classified information station, it’s not reliable. Oh, don’t blame my brother, I didn’t remind you.

    three; classification information station traffic rapid promotion; alternative methods of metamorphosis in the end

      said above, let the webmaster dress up beauty, send information to lead flow, some people want to say nausea, but here again introduce a method, you know what is abnormal. But in order to flow, in order to our site, abnormal once also might as well, ha ha.

      just talking about metamorphosis, but the site has no shortage of such people, has nothing to do, beauty chart, not fun

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