ncrease website traffic bit by bit experience

we do is to make some money, no traffic is no way to make money, how to improve the flow of new topics, has been one of the most popular online topic of knowledge is also the most difficult. If your personal website has been completed, no matter how perfect it is, not to rely on the promotion to increase the amount of visits, at best, just to see for yourself. I have accumulated some of my experience in website promotion, talk about some of the following basic methods.

1. registration search engine

on this method, presumably also need not say more, how to use the search engine is every Internet users must master skills, registration search engine is the most primitive and most effective website promotion method. Find some big search engines to register it, the domestic Sohu, Sina, Yahoo and other major search engines is that you need to register, Xin this everything is free, easy to fill in some forms can be done once and for all. Of course, if you have multiple mirror addresses, you may want to register each one, which will give you unexpected results.

2, study their own website statistics,

website statistics software on the market a lot, choose statistical software is very critical, 51, GG, Yahoo I have used, in general, each has its own advantages. At present I think Taiji statistics is the most appropriate, it is very convenient to use, there is no advertising. The statistical data is very accurate, the flow through my Tai Chi statistics system often think of their website, see where people come in, and from where to go out, stay in a relatively long time on what page. The historical database system design of Taiji statistics is helpful for me to find out the whereabouts of IP, what it needs and what to get, so that I can adjust the content of the website in time.

3. active publicity

through EMAIL, chat room, BBS and some other means of publicity, if you see the chat room he went in to send several homepage information when you browse the Internet, see the message to do some publicity of this message to your home page, also can use some e-mail group software or add some large mailing list to publish your homepage (use e-mail group must pay attention to the language of civilization, otherwise it will have the opposite effect). Although these methods are time-consuming and laborious, they are the most effective.

4. links

The increase of

traffic through Links is generally take the personal home page, whether it is text, LOGO link, you must find some access to large amount of sites to exchange links, for those of the drop-down menu Links, not worth mentioning, unless the other traffic is very large. In particular, the early site you visited is very small, this is not the right time to do Links, unless his visits like you poor, but that Links effect is very little, after all, you left home Links space is limited, as far as possible.

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