Make a simple use of hospital brand promotion

before that, there are also many articles about hospital brand promotion. I’m not as talented as they are. Just share my hospital brand promotion in recent months. I am now doing promotion at a hospital in Zhengzhou, at the beginning of this time is what are not, just know some knowledge about SEO, and then through the predecessors learning how already know some promotion methods, nothing more than the several, I am not here much, have been chewing no longer. First of all, I’d like to make a statement. These are just some of my own experiences. Friends I don’t like can make a detour. Next, I’ll tell you how to do it:

1, site positioning, try to figure out the patient’s psychological

general hospital web site is a lot of, they will be based on a department or a disease to build a station, forming a station group, standing group of strong, I will not say more, industry people know. I am in a infertility hospital, I manage the website is the male division net, so my website can be located in infertility and male division of these two aspects.

do next is to figure out the patient’s psychological, when a patient has a disease, all the information he will go online to search for this disease, so he knows about, will search this kind of hospital, what would he say is search? He is sterile, he will search the infertility hospital good, or the name and sterile hospital family is good and a series of statements, he found the hospital had motivation that he want to find a good hospital. What we need to do next is to promote hospital information, please look down.

two, standing on the shoulders of giants,

has been said above, to do the promotion of information, then, standing on the shoulders of giants is undoubtedly the best choice, the shoulders of giants is high weight, good classification and information network, B2B website, do the information, do rankings. Refers to the natural ranking ranking is not bidding, bidding untouchables. The information is written an article about the hospital propaganda or infertility treatment articles, such as: the patient may search "Zhengzhou infertility to which hospital treatment" of the title, so when the patient search results came out, Baidu home page is all your hospital information, do you think he would go?


above is what I do in some hospital publicity, now out and share with you, I now do ranking is Xiaoyouchengjiu. Basically I do words each page is our hospital information, are still trying to. Said this is not my method, I see from a post, took over with, feel good, continue to do so, we can learn from you, this method is not limited to the hospital and other industries can also be used, finally I wish everyone can find their promotion methods.

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