A novice SEOER do SEO when entering the 5 major mistakes

SEO I am a novice, the real contact with the SEO less than half the time, but I am also a very ambitious and I want to be a good SEOER so I was not convinced every day send news, send the chain what, always want to learn something deeper. So I pull myself into all levels of SEO, until now I come to understand, slowly struggled out, now I would like to share my mistakes into, hope people don’t just contact the SEO step on my footsteps.

big mistake: no patience,


just contact the SEO, many people want to directly contact the essence, I also, I was forced to make the company boss SEO, I saw the point about this information, said above the headlines is to send a message, I became interested in the hair for a few days, but not two I can’t hold on, thinking the data is not accurate? I won’t be wrong? You do not want to send, so start every day less hair, even to the last serious to me every day is not made.

in fact this is totally wrong, it is not every day on SEO, the hair of the chain do not send information would not drive the website effect, not propaganda effect, if you say you say do SEO but to do a lot of day no one knows your station, then you don’t say you are doing SEO. So, the first thing you should pay attention to is to insist on SEO. If you are not a person who knows how to insist, then you can only say that you are really not suitable for the SEO industry.

second major mistakes: eager for quick success and instant benefit

began to think in is not completely grasp the information release skills, can not learn how to look at the code? Do this because SEO is not looking at the code, so hurry to find code learning materials.

does not know, anything is necessary to lay the foundation, and the basis is not good, then the house is also built bean curd slag project, can not live. The end result is that people do not see the code will be able to sit in the word, I am watching every day is busy texting is busy with the code, what results Laozhuo, is not to sit. Therefore, SEO also pays great attention to the basic, must base the foundation, can say next step how to do.

third major mistakes: do not know how to analyze

in my life is not a love of people, but when the SEO is not analysis, such as your competitors can put words to sit, but you do not go up, people’s website PR is very high, but you can’t go to the website, others the chain is many, your site is not many, these all need analysis. I do not agree with these at first, thinking that as long as I work hard, I will certainly be able to go up. As a result, I have failed to grasp the key point and toss about for a few months. It is not as good as a week’s effect for others.

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