How should the stationmaster be proud of the difficult start up period

There are many webmasters to write about their entrepreneurial story of

A5, China since the webmaster has to, since Li Xingping and other first generation station successfully, owners have been trying to Pinbo the lowest layer on the Internet, doing the hard work to earn a meager income, when the webmaster hard to do a station to collect a lot of content, sometimes do stand webmaster hard to do a lot of work, but most of the time we do is toil with no gain. With the progress of the times, the ecological environment of the Internet will become better and better. This is the fact that there is no way to change. This is the inevitable trend of Internet discovery. Of course, personal Adsense is also more and more difficult to survive, because a person is difficult to do good quality content, high-quality web site.

so if the new webmaster should start than at any time in the past, today I am also equivalent to a new station in the early start, so I once again came to A5 sincerely to write this article, share their own personal experience to the webmaster, also hope to earn popularity. The topic I share today is how to survive a difficult start-up.

, tell me your story first. In 2009 I wrote an article in A5, the tragic history of the article is a ten year old webmaster, I started to open ‘happy laugh’ joke website. I decided to concentrate on a station that day, and in that year I became a full-time station owner. You may ask you to do 09 years old station how to claim to be ten webmaster friends? Remember when 2000 at school they stay up all night to build their own personal home page in the Internet bar day, that’s when I decided to become a webmaster can rely on it to survive…. After graduation began doing station work, but it is not always smooth, doing the hard work, with a minimum wage, because many times become solid, embarked on a fight on the internet no return, some people say I’m floating than white men, but these years I know. I have been to Beijing heart hard in the first line… I want to insist that every people have some faith in Beijing, I want to insist on it should be every webmaster should have faith.. Behind every successful man, there is a sad story. Can you believe it,


in 2012 for personal reasons and was in urgent need of money, plus the failure to adjust the site just to meet the Baidu algorithm adjusted, and I worked hard for three years to the station just by Baidu listed spam sites list is down right. At that time, the impulse, because there is no way to find other sources of funds, the hard operation of the station for three years to sell the realized (to this day, it has become one of the webmaster regret the most thing). I decided to start to do, but until today I was found to overestimate their abilities, everything is not smooth, in order to build a high quality, high weight site really need to invest a lot, this is my story, when walking in the most difficult to write this. If the article get through the difficult start of the article.

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