Adsense please choose the advertising alliance correctly

in advertising, the key lies in our choice, chosen according to the union of our web site to webmaster is an important link, then we how to choose, how to grasp? The following is my point of view:

first, correct understanding of their website, see what type of website, which is suitable for advertising, and then targeted to choose what type of advertising, advertising has now.

secondly, that’s what I’m talking about, according to my own IP and PV. For IP we choose the course many, like GG, Baidu,, QIHOO, the first video, Ali Mama advertising alliance and so on, but we think carefully, personally feel that Ali mother and GG good, this can bring long-term income, although Ali mother has occurred the situation deduction amount. For PV, the choice is relatively narrow, the first video can be selected, many owners have different attitudes to the alliance, in fact, as long as you try to know, I did the statistics did not say here, so as to avoid adverse effects! Of course, both are not to say what no choice. Do not want to join the Union? Non profit, low flow, low PV station, I suggest not to do any advertising, do not add any alliance, and also want to add good union, I now find that infinite flow union is good, after nearly 4 months, now increased significantly, not here say, interested can go to check that.

finally, the present advertising alliance is good, but there are also disadvantages. This is known to all, and the key lies in the choice. I don’t like to say anything more. To tell you the truth, I don’t like one of the advertising unions anymore. Well, what do you say?. I just built the station, 10 days Baidu was received, and now in constant development, what good, we share.

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