How to solve the problem of content platform management The answer to the question is this

know almost began trial operation management specification version today, some of the impact on the user experience, disrupting the community order behavior were clear limits, mainly includes six kinds of behavior: induced by vote or attention, repeat the same content, publish frequently published garbled content published outside the chain, malicious deception deceptive marketing, brush to paint like false interaction behavior. Earlier, knowing that these acts have been taken to prevent and deal with, but more technical and operational level, and now clearly written specifications and made public.


know why the next ruthless hand remediation these six kinds of behavior,

, known as the question and answer community, is the largest platform for knowledge discussion and sharing in China, and has always regarded the community atmosphere as the cornerstone. It has been an invitation system for two years to ensure the quality of users and qa. After the opening, with the rapid increase of the influx of a large number of users and visibility, know almost ushered in many communities have encountered growing pains: the quality of the user, the quality of the content and community atmosphere related problems blowing. Know almost always with negative energy in the community to fight the battle of wits, however, foot step ahead, with 13 million active users and 5 billion monthly pageviews almost know, facing the problem more and more difficult, the management upgrade is almost known to these thorny problems answer, know this to be under the ruthless hand the.

and Q & a platform, social Q & a relationship between people and people based, while not only to solve the problem, but to let people through discussion, sharing, question and answer and other ways to improve the knowledge system, to establish a personal brand, get the approval of others, and ultimately achieve self promotion. Precisely because of this, the trust system between people is the cornerstone of knowledge. Know before CEO, when interviewed by the media, said, "I know the reason why I can go to today, the most fundamental reason is that it has formed a sense of trust between users."." , malicious marketing, praise brush powder brush, induced by voting, advertising chain behavior has seriously hurt the trust relationship, know almost destroyed the atmosphere in the community for many years. For these acts know zero tolerance, know almost to strike hard.

CEO know almost week source said, in the media environment changes today, "known from a community discussion into a knowledge platform, which means that knowledge will no longer just a community, but a knowledge content production and consumption platform. Facing the same as all content platform, if there is no good guide, content platform is prone to spam flood, bad money drives out good money, which will affect the user experience, destroy the community atmosphere. A copy of the marketing content to rely on brush brush powder and the forefront of the answer, for knowledge producers, will be a great blow. Spam through quality content distribution is better than the heresy problem facing many content platform, know this upgrade management standards, and create a better knowledge of the contents of production environment.


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