Hangzhou to build a variety of platforms to support youth entrepreneurship

young people are mostly positive, many young people have the idea of entrepreneurship, government departments are also strongly support entrepreneurship. Sponsored by the Hangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone Group Committee, Youth Federation of youth under the "inspirational theme recently for hot start, nearly two hundred young entrepreneurs, youth committee and all the outstanding young ring Jinsha Lake run up.

show Xiasha innovation and pioneering new name card

root Xiasha venture, such as Liu Fuqin’s youth hit off meet the eye everywhere. The heat scattered lake, did not reduce the enthusiasm of running a customer. On the contrary, from their warm atmosphere of communication, revealing the expectations of the future, revealing the entrepreneurial passion of College students.

"run through this new form of entrepreneurship, let students Xiasha a customer together, a mind and physical sports, also let mentors and entrepreneurs together under active entrepreneurial culture, entrepreneurial innovation showed Xiasha new name card." Jin Linghua, deputy secretary of the Development Zone mission is not only the organizer is also a participant, he said, the District Development Committee will work together to build a platform to boost youth entrepreneurship. At present, the development zone to accelerate the upgrading of quality and efficiency as the core of the phase shift, we need to serve the Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship as the starting point, and strengthen the cooperation of various departments, jointly create "youth Xiasha, youth power" brand, bringing the advantages of matchmaking, boost development zone formed a strong mass innovation and the entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

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