Analysis why Yi’s electricity supplier dream early burst

Yi once brilliant everybody is obvious to people, because it is in the field of digital 3C very deep attainments, distribution way fast and efficient, can be said to be an original, won the admiration of many men, especially in the Yangtze River Delta regional fame and voice really may cover all network platform. Although easy to search information, still say 3C products in the industry the national ranking of second, this honor is specious, but everyone is well aware, now it is not the year that it was. It has a splendid slowly past, slowly disappear from our sight, only to find the network electricity supplier figure is really in an instant transfer, a completely different, Renzouchaliang like 00 yo.

it can be said that the industry a dark horse, the community network supermarket should be easy to open a precedent, directly affect the once partner SF courage to make bold innovations, which have been born community store, let the whole network retail market shocked. Dongying wedding owners believe that these are directly explained once it is very promising, there is no denying that it is the industry leader, can be said to be full of ambition. However, cooperation and Tencent, is still the industry was optimistic, but the reality is cruel, as if all this happens overnight, transient, now it can not help but exclaim "a thunder scared cloud fly, night rain falling flowers." This is our familiar world, then the past it is booming, why now will be so lonely, all of a sudden become destroyed all easion electricity supplier


first, Tencent’s strategic adjustment after the acquisition. It began acquisition of Tencent and to all the people, there is a huge profit space, a lot of people are look forward with confidence to the world as, suddenly came a bolt from the blue. After the acquisition of the Tencent for a long period of time, for fast and easy development are great expectations, really spent a lot of energy, it should be said that at first it also brought some good results, it seems easy to let a lot of people a better future. But the good times don’t last long make major adjustments, the acquisition of Tencent in the strategy, the first is the Jingdong is a major adjustment, received a major investment in WeChat’s turn to the mobile version, it seems to last in consciously slow down. This adjustment of easy to be fatal, the market has been slowly swallowed, during the whole process, it seems to be very passive.

second, easy service consciousness is fading. Dongying wedding owners think that after the acquisition of Yi Xun is very passive in the environment, have advantage now had all gone, once the service concept of humanity into the rain yesterday. With the current rapid development of the industry, even if the previous advantage in the present does not represent anything, because the environment has changed. At present the user for easy evaluation is really very bad, the negative impact is too large, these are all for one in pointing to the easy, why had to rely on service to establish a brand, is now in the hit.

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