What can do to save you my station

because of work reasons, I met a lot of webmaster friends, and they are more chat comparison. Do stand friends know, stationmaster is a special group of Web site optimization is very good but not good at communication, focus on the Internet on the Internet about dynamic of real life sometimes lack of confidence in an encyclopedic mind, want to earn more dollars or even RMB but did not earn will not let them lose confidence, but time is not the law not for nightclubs bar more eager to have their own car house wife child, helpful for the novice can hand mouth not for the other to make friends on the Internet every day, doing the same thing but in order to produce better future fortune… .

to tell you the truth, I don’t have much feeling for the station, to participate in such a circle is because has been doing is a marketing and advertising network, the school site to do shopping market promotion, the more I want to listen to the webmaster friends have chitchatting, whether he had no money, but always to the establishment of the interest has not diminished, for their own beliefs or goals, more and more energetic owners involved, do not the same but not tired of things. This is the spirit of the webmaster, I think we are the pride of the station.

had to admit that the current advertisement market is chaotic, the lack of a good market for commercial advertising is standard, is also only a few in the media said it is difficult to put into practice, Chinese hundreds of thousands of webmaster group, paid how much? Most of the webmaster friends stand to just interested, they do not return, but I think our webmaster paid time and effort, the demand of information or knowledge to others, which itself has the value of labor, and get the return station should be behoove

!A few years ago when

Ali mother was born, it is of great significance for us, that the Chinese Internet benchmark enterprise noticed us such a group, but recently it still hurt the hearts of many people. The online advertising market under the financial crisis seems to be ever quiet, we cannot go back to the 4, 5 years ago, the network advertisement can bring us more surprises of the era, perhaps many webmaster have not experienced as the "soul" of the era, you can ask around the old webmaster, how much is that time. Advertising expenses.

‘s hapless YAHOO CEO Yang Zhiyuan, now CEO, says the advertising industry is facing its worst recession in more than a decade. We’ve already realized, and expect, that online advertising will continue downhill. But we still seem to be running on the old road of online advertising.

e-commerce community has become a new hot spot, community and e-commerce is certainly a hot Wangzhuan way of future, interaction and sharing of export will open the new e-commerce user community, community information will directly affect the user’s shopping behavior and way. Shopping groups will continue to focus on this community e-commerce marketplace

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