PR yesterday’s update triggered some thinking of the external market chain

yesterday, that is, in July 18th, many webmasters responded to the Google PR update, and surprisingly, the last PR update was only 20 days away. This time the update is someone happy, some people worry, there are ups and fall, and I also have a small station, from PR4 dropped to 3. I wonder if this update is for the June update, or is it true that changes have occurred in the update strategy, specifically we can see it in the next time. Every time the PR update can cause many rebound owners, in the face of this update, I also have some of their own ideas to share with you.

many webmaster will Google this PR update understand become Google in the future will implement irregular PR update policy symbolic behavior, and through this policy mouthing the current prosperity of the chain market. The author observed that some long-term selling links in the morning, especially the chain of SF industry portal, website, there are many sites in June and yesterday’s update, PR lower, such as HC, in June 28th from the previous PR7 to PR5 and from PR5 to PR4, yesterday, a sign that Google is more sensitive to the PR value transfer. Many webmaster according to this sensitive, simple judgment, the chain trading, the market will decline. The author does not agree with this view. There are four reasons for this:

1, the size of the chain market far beyond our imagination. Many webmaster see some famous website for selling links lead to site PR falls again, it can not see how many? The whole chain from the market perspective, the portal as the seller account for only a small proportion, many professional selling links to the company or team, only the portal and website as their resources for the show, and their resources are far more than these famous sites. At the same time, the chain of intermediary Admin5 this team so many individual owners trust, coupled with the development of deep black chain market more and more industry chain, market scale far beyond our imagination, which relates to the output believe there is currently no one can estimate out. If only a PR update strategy can affect such a huge market, I believe it is unrealistic.

2, PR is not the main cause of the impact of the chain market. With Google from China, more and more owners are mainly for Baidu optimization, friends exchange chain, the sale of the chain is more on the Baidu snapshot, Baidu included, Baidu related data, Google PR only as a reference standard, and the accompanying PR value transfer brought PR to enhance the added value. Is the chain sale. How, in the Baidu search market owners, lord it over a district, whether the enterprise will because Google PR give up to enhance the website ranking and flow of the chain

market?Frequent updates of

3 and PR will speed up the birth of more personal websites. We said that in the past, PR updates need to wait a few months or even six months, seriously affecting the new webmaster’s patience and motivation for the site, resulting in many new sites built for several months without seeing the dawn

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