The two day jumps from 300 to 3000 P

today I still don’t understand, the online movie station for almost two months, IP was more than more than 800, stable in three hundred or four hundred, but the day before yesterday traffic soared, January 9, 2009 or IP301, PV1316, IP1804, January 10th is yesterday, today, now at nine, IP to 3136, PV8866, joy I wonder ah, this week a busy work, didn’t do what publicity ah, why the sudden increase in traffic so fast ah, I do not see the statistical tool IP source, is not out of order statistics. Has everyone’s website traffic soared over the past few days?

I talk to

station, the Internet for many years, has been addicted to playing games, every day in the network game riotings, do the task, a game tired for a new, that went on for several years, until last year, suddenly found playing any more not only hurt the body is very boring, he is more than 30 years old, just bought a house, we couple these years of savings, also borrowed some money to work, the two wages to survive on the good, and the pocket is very nervous, so I want to engage in what business, wondering what? The traditional business not so much capital, think of themselves playing so many years of computer Internet, or a website, thought even if do not pay not to go.

said, do it, spent thousands of dollars, built a movie site, the whole, played a name called "the Yellow River film and television."". Read a lot of articles, in accordance with the experience of others, began to submit a few big search engines, GG quite good, two or three days included, ranked in the fourth page, and two days, up to second pages. Baidu is not included, more than a month before, or snapshot a month ago, but friends said good, Baidu movie station is very picky, I was comforted many of the speaking of GG, ~ ~ ~, I found there is a good place to come, when you first station, when not a gas, go to the Tianya laiba posts to propagandize your website, then search, you will see Tianya laiba post to the first row, to improve the visibility of GG may help to their children more care, come more than Baidu Post Bar, he in order to attract popularity, to relax the policy, is a good place to advertise, but now there are enough ads……

bothersome so much, or talk about traffic problems, new promotion is a headache thing for master webmaster not what I do, for this station, it is the big problem. Or people in accordance with introduced experience, try: bulk mail — sent some spam mail (very ashamed, I give the Internet made garbage), not too much, so I guess there is no over IP two or three, this method is out of date, who look at the e-mail advertising letter now, not familiar with the address is deleted; the QQ mail, not too good make, QQ mailbox design by automatically sending metamorphosis, success rate is too low; QQ group, >

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