Reading notes great power Terry Gou and Feng Lun

since last winter, due to the progress of product development is very tight, a lot of energy and enthusiasm to go inside. Therefore, the blog update is tired. It’s not really tired, honestly feel the energy is not enough; only a move to move on, calm when less, so the mind can settle down too much less.

so, read some books, from the Ming Dynasty to the experience and thinking, predecessors painstakingly enterprises such as Terry Gou, such as Feng Lun. I hope to draw some power from it, whether it is the power of Feng Lun’s savage growth or Terry Gou’s detail, the power of the devil. Some forces may be the forces of great growth.

(a) clever and stupid

As Feng Lun in the "

" in the sense that the barbaric growth: "in the course of time, you will find that the wise and the foolish in the mutual conversion. When all the wise men do one thing, it is a foolish decision. Because all the wise men saw the opportunity, want to make quick money, the competition becomes intense, and when the 100 wise men to compete for a visible, see things, there is no chance of success. In turn, a foolish man made a stupid decision who do not believe, every day you a little slow, but by the eighteenth year competition does not appear, to twentieth years of success, the chance of success is one hundred percent."

so a great man often starts with a decision that is considered stupid, but with great patience he reverses the standard by the time.

There is a

, you must choose a good partner, rather than those of ordinary people, who only the immediate petty profits, not impetuous and settling down from the details carefully do things, must not be reused; and to improve the details, willing to settle down to do every little bit. Even some stupid, even if it is young and have no experience, but as long as he has the pursuit of perfection and details of ambition, the day will be carved, chengdaqi. You choose a good partner, and then you have enough time to do what is not seen as a result of the so-called incorrect decision, there is a chance to become a great man.

greatness is a function of time.

(two) quality is life, dignity,

In "Terry Gou and Foxconn"

described a story, Terry Gou on the staff of the general assembly Foxconn said: many of our cadres Events overseas for processing quality, have a very memorable experience, have the experience of dignity. Because of quality problems once, to our customers always questioned us in the embarrassing situation, like the police questioned the suspect said: "you have several times in the criminal law, this certainly has a criminal suspect, you admit?" – this is not the dignity, very serious.

Terry Gou goes further: "everyone loves to use a Mercedes Benz, though it is >"

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