Websites do for users rather than exclusively for search engines

my site Jining real estate network ( on-line in early December 2009, at the beginning of the site, select the program, then buy is bought in advance of the host, domain name. The content is updated every day, and later found the website function is not good, in February 2010 the new revision, in February 28, 2010 officially launched, but as of yesterday, site traffic has exceeded 1000 IP, some joy, but also some dissatisfaction, I do stand to face Jining manufacturers and local users, and one day I a friend talked about search engine problems.

he asked me: "my website program home page has written code, listen to other people say, let GOOGLE mistaken for virus code, my web site down right, can you help me to see?


I said: "give me the URL. I read it. There’s a piece of code. I don’t know what to do. It doesn’t work. You can delete it.".

he asks me again: "my website now Baidu and GOOGLE all k dropped, I a lot of stations, how should do?


I said, "you’re talking about this all day. Is that meaningful? Who do you stand for?

we often chat, but every time he said the problems included, I know, some webmaster do stand is to let the search engine included, such good use of advertising to make money, but I think, since you choose to do, it should have a good attitude, do you stand, stand to do is look at your users that is not to search engines, for a long time, the station user evaluation of your high, access to many people, the search engine also naturally ran without you to seek them, just began to take the initiative to fill in the search engines table is also possible, but don’t go and search engines to deal with the key is your customer, help customer

on your web site

, my new website is on line today. It’s been fifteenth days. I think I’ll continue to enrich the content of the website, and insist on innovation. Other do not say, and also those: original content, the chain, and so on these things.

seriously, absolutely right.

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