New domain name and old domain name after K rescue methods

has been a webmaster for almost 1 years, and got a lot of knowledge and experience in it. I hope I can get the people who are still wandering. Today, I share with you about the website after the K, or buy the K domain name rescue methods, I have verified, and finally get rid of. Example: domain name (new purchase)

2 months after

‘s submission to the big search, no sweat, and if you’re the domain name in your hand, K, are you sure you’re really K?. Open Baidu, enter domain:***.com in Baidu’s search column, if you have a record, and use site:***.com without record, it means that the domain name is K. If your domain name has been purchased when it has not been included, then please check it. Address bar entry: enter the domain name you want to query, and press Take Me Back. Well, here’s my salvation:

one. Get the solution that has been K domain name

in station please register Baidu and Google alliance, do please updated every day, leaving the download link to the website. In this way, Baidu will be included in 1 months. Google is relatively good to deal with, that is, in the webmaster tools re submit a review of website information, so that in general will be in about 7 days to re included.

two. Domain name is your own solution by K,

Google’s solution is the same as above. Here’s the Baidu: first you have to find out why you’re being K and then make corrections, and you’re probably aware of that.

here is the most important original articles, and then to other stations to draw links, this is to ensure that Baidu can once again pay attention to your station. About 7 days later, you can contact Baidu customer service right away. Show that you are determined, and if you contact customer service, it’s only a long time that you don’t get noticed. Will not be included.

well, has been so persistent, Baidu will be included in about 1 months you again.

OK, congratulations on your domain name again included, for SOSO GOUGOU what is followed GOOGLE, if GOOGLE included, they will also included.

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