Study and comprehend the four levels of nternet

has been in touch with the Internet for 11 years. Understanding the Internet is not just a tool that is closely related to work, life and study. It has become an integral part of the whole society’s living environment. Living in it will feel that if one day the network suddenly interrupted, it will cause great losses to individuals, the public, and even society. Therefore, we should not only take a positive attitude towards the development of the Internet, but also devote more enthusiasm and wisdom to the maintenance, management and order of the internet.

daily consumption, in addition to the supermarket to buy food, go to the store to buy clothes and other basic through the network, books, small appliances, digital products, cosmetics, gifts to buy mostly through the Internet, in the payment settlement basic credit card + Internet banking. Consumption through the network often exceeds half or more of the total daily consumption.


is free, download or subscribe to music, video, games, electronic books and so on. What’s interesting is that when we watched TV in the evening, we all scrambled to grab the remote control. Now we don’t have any. We can see what we want to see through the computer and the mobile phone.

travel through the network before the inquiry weather, itinerary, diet, accommodation, understanding of the geographical situation is essential. When you go out to play, love to take pictures or videos, good clips will be sent through MMS, mobile mail or mobile instant messenger software, ready to send to friends and relatives, timely transmission and share joy of play.

, playing online games and bubble forums is not my strong point. I think it’s a waste of time. Therefore, in the network penetration, self-evaluation is still "rational faction" pragmatism.

since the Internet, like most people, has experienced the Internet from ignorance to understanding, from learning to thinking process. I do not agree with some people say, "the Internet update soon, the longer you do, the less innovative, the younger people do will be better" speech. I think this statement is very extreme. My personal experience is that learning and understanding of the Internet should go through at least 4 levels.

The first level of

is the technical layer. Such as microcomputer, network operation settings, program function is how to develop, how a system through the combination of hardware and software to achieve, and how to plan a function of the details of the platform. This layer is the base layer;

The second level of

is the business layer. Such as network platform and system can solve the business problems, can meet the actual needs of various types of users, and based on business needs, planning to achieve the integration of the network and the network. This level focuses on strategy issues and policy layers;

The third level of

is the market layer. Such as the market demand of the network system is there, the competition is there, and how well the guidance meets the needs of the users, what are the development goals and market development goals of the system?. This hierarchy is a strategic layer;

The fourth level of

is the industry layer. Such as the format of industry, the process of value chain, the relationship between different formats, industry policy, order orientation, industry >

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