Simple two strokes publicity and make money one does not fall

many webmaster site for the purpose of two: flow, make money, and then publicity, exchange links, and then click. Here recommend a website that can be publicized, and also can make money, and other people don’t log on to your website, or even you don’t have a website to make money.

is the first to make video money, the video site traffic can be scared to death. Millions of video visits are common. Video class, take YouTube for example, YouTube visitors do not have to say, I joined the Google Adsense ad to make money. First register a user on the YouTube, write your own Adsense account (previously can not be added, now seems to be OK), find a funny video, and now more on the phone is, and this is the basis for publicity money.

video upload to YouTube, when the transmission of video if you can do a simple video editing it better, the pressure on their own blog address on the video, like I was lazy, I directly in the video name and video description with their own website and street food words website keyword. In this way, everyone in the video will also click on the site, if the video is hot, there are 1/10 of people click on their web site, the effect is also good.

and, by registering Adsense accounts on the YouTube, you can also increase your Adsense’s display effect. In time, other people don’t visit their websites, and you can also earn by adsense. There are several can pass video sites, like mofile, cool 6 network, can join the Google Adsense or add your own web site name, URL, while display advertising money, while promoting his website.

in cool 6 nets, a strong man day earn 3000, monthly salary of nearly 100 thousand, annual salary of millions of ah. Brothers。 Followed by reproduced video, upload pictures to make money.

, of course, is good at making video, but it’s definitely a crash process for many friends who don’t have a high computer configuration and have a bad Internet speed. Now, recommend another method: recommend video and send pictures.

recommended website After registering on this website, give you a three domain name that you have set up, like mine is This website allows you to add Google Adsense advertising, but also simple, as long as the input of Adsense ID, and the site does not need to have your own video, as long as you find out where a good video, such as youTube, it addresses copied posted on the Flixya web site can, of course you are when released in the video that name, also can add their own.

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