Personal experience about website operation

in the Internet this huge market potential, it bears a lot of people (including you and me) dream, but also let many people’s dreams broken. During the past few years, I have participated in the construction and operation of many websites, including e-commerce websites and community websites. Here are a few years of operation, I point of view on the operation of the site:

one, about website construction,

1, select the theme of the web site. General to determine when the core value and the theme of the site, I would choose to evaluate the existing enterprise resource at the beginning (if you are a man of words, to personal ability, interest, social resources and so on Evaluation of alternative topics.) and the environment (including network analysis, network analysis competitor market analysis, user experience analysis, Internet users habits analysis etc.). Through the comprehensive analysis and evaluation, choose a practical operation mode and direction of operation (which has maneuverability and a good idea or ideas sometimes do not necessarily intersect, encounter this situation, I generally use can operate the mode, because of this strong easy to operate). If you are a station owner, of course, the resources do not have the company stand strong. At this time, it is recommended to choose their own website theme, can take the alliance mode and other complementary sites to expand resources and promotion effect (such as the banner of the alliance, the governor and moderator exchange technology to enrich the forum content through the post Union and so on), or by some profit (Internet Alliance there are many alliances including GGAD, PHPWIND community marketing alliance, Ali mother alliance etc.). In short, through this alliance model, you can achieve complementary advantages and enhance the effect of promotion. Choosing the theme of a web site is the foundation of your site’s survival.

2, website page design and function realization. After the selection of website operation direction, you begin on the website, for the website main tone to your theme selection and color, such as women as the theme of the site is mostly based on the powder colors, this kind of website Salala etc.. The module of the website, the function should be designed as convenient as possible to meet the user’s experience requirements. In short, we should try our best to satisfy the personalized requirements of the buyer’s market.

two, about website promotion, website promotion is the lifeline of the website, also be the key that the website operates. Website promotion, not only to do online promotion, but also do a good job offline promotion. For the next line is closely related with the promotion of company resources, such as cooperation to engage in several promotional activities by the company’s social resources and government or well-known enterprises, and the interactive offline moved to network. Then online promotion is mainly SEO optimization, soft Wen promotion and so on.

1, about preparations for promotion. In doing promotion before, also want to do a good job of network environment analysis, the target customer groups in the network of websites and forums to pick out, I usually use EX>

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