WeChat era female cock silk talk about grassroots webmaster how to choose break through

as a senior female grass root, is a grassroots webmaster, and is the first submission, feeling very nervous, share with you today and your Internet experience! Do not know is this dry cargo


"grassroots" and "grass root" is an order of magnitude, then the "webmaster" must have done many types of sites, these 2 words together, is that "no money, no contacts, no team forced the website operators" hungry, but also rich is not simple! Generally speaking, most of the "grassroots", revenue comes mainly from website advertising, website alliance, Taobao customers, value-added services, and now a wide point of


you will find that with the development of mobile Internet, the most direct impact is the grassroots income! Do not change the thinking, still rely on the website alliance and Taobao passenger revenue is certainly not! Especially this year Taobao double 11, to Amoy a little cheating! I will not say, you understand


then, as a grassroots webmaster, mobile Internet era, in the face of friends who are maxed out every day? What should we do?


first, the first choice, operating local websites, focusing on creating local WeChat public platform

for you now, haven’t become a network reds, when well-known blogger, still struggling to explore, in order to achieve their ideal and small, because the weak, all sorts of limited time, can choose to return home to run the local public platform, is a very good choice! Because most of the two or three line of the city, which is part of the market blank! And local WeChat public number, viscosity is the highest! Especially suitable for regional operations! Acquired fans cost is also relatively low


, you’ll ask me, "what should I do from scratch?"

1, first build personal WeChat push each other free forwarding all kinds of information

we can start the local newspaper website or DM, forwarding some classified information, so they turn a week, to create an atmosphere, and then find a few friends, circle of friends to turn your micro signal, not 10


people, each person has 100 fans enough! Like a snowball, roll a month, how you can add 1000 people! You will not find the 10 relatives, let 10 relatives looking for 10 friends, put them inside the mobile phone number into your mobile phone mail list, one by one with


2, to create the local WeChat public number

is the 1000 person, you can do the local WeChat public number, the number of public attention assured you must not be too much, because you are at the beginning of the classified information, viscosity is not high, so in order to get more fans, the early local public content forwarding number, to refer to the local local customs and practices. The historical environment, also can refer directly to the local government website! Especially the government issued a notice, the forwarding rate is extremely high! A very interesting experience tells us that water and electricity, is turned on

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