Experience of health channel experience in four major integrated portals in China

some people say that everything can be saved, but there is one thing that can not be saved. That is "healthy investment."". Health is becoming more and more important to all of us. In April 27th, Tencent launched a health channel in collaboration with China’s first medical portal, the medical network.

at this point, China’s several major portals – Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent, have their own health channels.

the author just a few days ago a little uncomfortable, so with curiosity, tried the health of these major portals of the channel. The following are some of the author’s experience.

Sina and Kang Q network cooperation failed, feel its health channels like chicken ribs. From the home channel, health care program. Although there are many articles, but is already 5 days ago the old man, health and disease information is on a call from BLOG data support, but Sina itself to estimate health news news is also in.

Sohu health looks like everything at first glance, but when it comes to using it, it feels like everything is missing. For example, I would like to see dysmenorrhea what is a good way, but from the female column to enter, from the top to the next pile of articles, so that people have no way to start. Moreover, although Sohu search is also famous, but in the health channel for a long time, actually found no search entrance (probably there, but do not know "hidden" where), to find back home page.

NetEase health is in collaboration with the health Web site’s big brother – 39 Health network. Content is more comprehensive, the design is more reasonable, there is also a search entrance at the top, it is very convenient. However, its disease database do not very perfect, some diseases have no, the friend is concerned about such as polycystic ovary syndrome, see into the future is a bunch of little black font, dizzy. More importantly, the less intuitive pictures, such as the author’s friend would like to see what the recent epidemic of hand, foot and mouth disease is what symptoms, after disappointment, have to go to Baidu pictures to find again.

, and in these respects, Tencent’s health channel instead of doing more humane.

after entering the site, the author found that the service function is quite powerful inside the health information, disease knowledge, maps, video, search is very perfect, more important is it can also direct online inquiry and appointment. I choose to enter the disease database for a lot of experience, the author found that looking for inside disease or symptoms can be found, the word looked more comfortable, and the disease or symptoms described after the list of related health articles, such as what to eat, what to do sports, should pay attention to what in addition, medical treatment and so on, and recommended, online inquiry.

said the medical network online inquiry service, the author wants to foot a few words, because it really is very convenient, good things I always want to let more friends know if have what problem, can be in the "medical network know" message to the doctor answered, can immediately consult a doctor online. The author first chose online consulting for experience

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