Five aspects of website user experience should be paid attention to

in recent years, the development of China’s Internet let us these grassroots webmaster are not at all on the speed, and the major search engine update is also faster and faster, more and more frequent. However, in the increasingly frequent updates, we also see a common point, the search engine value that is a website user experience more and more, a website user experience more good will directly affect the ranking of a website.

so how to do well the user experience? First of all, we should learn to analyze their relationship to the user experience of the website, one of the most simple site of several aspects of the user experience is: access speed, user information and server stability etc., to achieve site user experience, that we should go to the following several aspects:

1, site positioning

site location is built in the beginning we should think this is good, we get a basic user trust, not to do "title party" designed to engage in some headlines inconsistent with the content of the website, because this is deceptive, in addition to the user will resent, but for a long time will let the search engine to enter the "limbo".

therefore, when we do the station, we must pay attention to the positioning of the site and the content of the auxiliary, with the ability to achieve the best meet the needs of users.

two, site template

for a website, the template is equivalent to the appearance of the site, especially like text websites, such a site, a simple and high-quality website template is the key to retain users, so.

website template for this, I suggest that you do not order the immediate interests to put some pop, rich media such as advertising, because it will affect the user experience decreased the praise of the search engine is also very friendly.

three, the layout of the site

The overall layout of the

website, which is decided by the subject and the nature of the site, for example, the official news website layout is a bit more serious; and the entertainment website is not, then not to affect the users in your site’s mood, also directly affect the user’s experience. Entertainment site friends can stand in the embedded functions, talk about when the most important things, and micro-blog, and so on.

four, content correlation,

with the increasing number of websites in China, many users are confused about what they are looking for. At this time, we will be in an appropriate add links, which can not only share the weight of pages and pages, can also be related to the content of the show in front of the user, it is a best of both worlds.

five, implant advertising,

a lot of people think, I do website, originally is to make money, and advertising is my web site

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