Listen to the king talk about domain names talk about how to choose domain names

for the first time at the 2010 Shandong (Qingdao) Internet webmaster conferences live, listen to the conversation about the domain of graph king, have deep feelings, on the choice of the domain name is also as a problem as a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a worthless old webmaster, make a summary in the hope. To help novice webmaster.

domain name is equivalent to a house number, everyone knows 666888 good to remember, so have a good domain name is a website to achieve a very important part of success, you can talk about the effect of doing things. Do normal station domain name should be careful, not to mention garbage station.

1. The principle of choosing domain names

1, your domain name as short as possible. As you all know, foreign search engines have, and some competitors, such as, are obviously not willing to use because it’s too long. So bought, so that at least had the basic competition against google. I often watch the news go to, one of the reasons is that it is convenient to input.

2, the domain name can be used in pinyin or English as much as possible. Reasonable numbers and common letters. Either use your own domain name, or you can use the original domain name. When 2 foreign websites became famous, many people thought that adding a " r" is 2 website. Similarly, after the popular bean potatoes such naming 2 at home, a way to follow the trend of the catch, garlic… Then you have two choices, or to spend money to buy a website you can express the intention of the domain name, or the original one like "Baidu", "thunder".

3, your domain name is easy to remember. Choose not to pronounce, oral communication of the domain name, the name of the site should not be complex, reflected in the above domain name is easy to spell, in between person and person time of oral communication is not misleading. Have you ever heard such an introduction: "take this domain name,". A look is a college entrance examination learning website, it is obvious that "gookao" pronunciation and memory is very easy, and a look is a web site related to the entrance exam. A good domain name should be from one person’s mouth to another’s ear. It can be well remembered and must not be confused. For example, (gookao transliteration for the college entrance examination) two OO, whether from visual effects or remember, easy effect is very good.

4, try to choose.Com as suffix. In the meeting, Wang talked about the importance of.Com, and I felt the same way. COM is king, which is known to all. When Nintendo decided to name its seventh generation console, ", wii"

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