Buy website an active member of the website brings together a popular tool


wrote an article, expressed himself for the group purchase website sesame future worries (inventory group purchase website is facing several major problems have not been solved yet, but) read the article I found in my discussions with friends, and indeed in some views on the problems out there, so today decided to correct the last hair the error and. The first thing to note is that, in the last article, I’m just writing some independent group buying websites, which means that this independent group buying website is hard to develop. But after discussions with friends and found most of the group purchase website is not independent, but are attached to some large portal, and a variety of communication, information, news sites have placed a certain number of users on the site. For example, Taobao Group buy Juhuasuan, Tencent QQ group buying, 286 community integrated buy, etc., are dependent on the door, and the independent buy site is relatively small, this is where I ignore.

if you stand in a certain number of users, already have a certain size of the website point of view, the advantages of buy network is still more prominent.

first of all, buy online shopping users, in order to achieve a certain price, will be purchased after the purchase will be widely spread spread out, and even create 1-10 single or even more orders. And so on, so as to bring a large number of users of the site, traffic. In the promotion of users at the same time, each buyer, the site can also get the amount of money ranging from commissions, can be said to be relatively speaking, a relatively powerful function. Because he is in popularizing a website at the same time, not only won’t increase promotion cost, but can produce sale profit, this also is why group buys net to be able to be more and more fire.

just tried to search for "buy Group" in Baidu, and it turned out that promotional ads were amazing. Here, regardless of Baidu’s hooliganism, the phenomenon of advertising screens has been relatively rare since Baidu launched the phoenix nest program. But buy group net still can be like this, this shows that this is not just a group of common grassroots webmaster to follow the trend, indicating that buy this model is indeed profitable, a good effect of the promotion of a magical function. At present, the net profit has been quite obvious.

Taobao has sold 200 Mercedes Benz for 3 hours, and I’m sure a lot of people know about it. This is also the powerful place of group buying net. First of all, let’s talk about the profit. Suppose a Benz Commission is 10 thousand yuan (usually higher profit), and 200 is 2 million. 3 hours produce 2 million profit, I believe many people will not think of, this is only buy can achieve effect. Then talk about the promotion effect, only 3 hour 200 sales data, which shows that the density of users how amazing! And this success is equal to sales, also made a very good marketing for Taobao, Why not?


group buying network is a money making model that can blossom everywhere. As long as you have users, you can start the group

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