f you want to be a good station be a good man

many friends in the website promotion of their site will be through the writing form to express a do stand experience and experience, but also hope that we can learn more about their own personal website or to. Well, at this time, we are going to write articles, of course, hope that others can take a good look, give yourself some practical suggestions, so as to facilitate your growth.

but we are often see some "drifting" and "passing" and "support" and other words, the number of chilling. After all, hard to write the article, hopefully get other people’s good advice, see the response is this, how much sentimental.

in fact, looking back, we do not treat others, we are not inadvertently hurt the author, you imagine, this "drifting", so he "drifting", we "to" floating "to finally get what? What do we want others to treat yourself at the same time there is no care, to treat others? Compared to you," drifting "when considering whether to have their own need to communicate with others? If someone else" across "your article, what do you want? Not really to read the author of the article, which can be read out of the local exchange the author, heart to give comments or replies. I think it’s better than passing by, because that’s what makes you feel good about each other and adds to your impression.

imagine, we have every day on the Internet there, how many people are spectators Internet hurried, how many people can remember us, and how many people noticed us there, we have good performance, good communication with others, accumulated a good reputation, good impression, to facilitate their walking better days on the Internet, but also accumulated resources for their website development, Lirenliji, Why not?


for a while, I used to enjoy sharing what I saw with my friends, whether it was good or bad. We all communicate together, share, promote friendship, and enhance popularity. When we see some good articles on the Internet, we all want to share it. But how to share, this is also a certain skill, but individual friends is to other people’s article makeover, retain the central idea, and then share with friends. In fact, this is completely unnecessary, because we are on the Internet, more emotional communication needs real, so we should be honest, the original share with others, because everyone will know we have published articles in the website all hope that others can give yourself at least respect, that nature is not a welcome copied their content.

reprint and modify the problem, often hope that others can retain a little of the copyright, we do not say the reprint make only superficial changes is right or wrong, but at least, hurt the feelings of the author, after all, we all want to show a good side to others, and to share with more friends, so when we share good article whether test >

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