The site should have a good starting point

the current rapid development of the Internet, before 2005, many people still do not believe in the Internet to buy things, and now the entity store by the impact of online shop, I think we should all know very well. There are around 2000 to do online games are crazy money, now more and more online games, online games are not so easy.

is also the same website, we see many large web sites are doing relatively early, there will be someone who is not now the site is not easy, more and more people do, new sites emerge in an endless stream, it is too difficult to own website talent shows itself. In fact, this is not the case, the website is more, but the Internet is also increasing, at this stage the website competition is not done sooner more advantages, but do better the more advantages, of course, SEO optimization is necessary, the owners are very clear. The most important thing is the core content of the website, the starting point of the site and the heart of the webmaster.

The core content of

website must be attractive, can attract Internet users, and let the Internet users have a sense of dependence on the site, or else the optimization is done well, the Internet users just know the website, and then look and go…… If the core content is good, users see the site, and like the site, then the next collection of this site, and then introduce this site to friends, so that the site will be bigger.

many webmasters believe that their website is very attractive, as long as the optimization, the site will have a lot of traffic, and then you can hang advertising, make money, or launch some projects to make money. However, in fact, optimization is also doing well, but for a long time no improvement, There are plenty of people who standing. The optimization can only bring a little traffic, more traffic than optimization brings, but Internet users, through word of mouth, mouth bring.

how to make your site attractive, can let the majority of Internet users have a sense of dependency, and website to you? This is the starting point of the webmaster site problem, why should the station? Must think clearly, if only to do the optimization of drainage hanging advertising or launch other projects that don’t suck money the site, because of late, before this is still possible, but with the understanding of the Internet is more and more clear, the taste is becoming more demanding, so certainly can not do it.

The starting point of the establishment of the

if it is for the majority of users of the Internet online service? Make life more rich and colorful, more save time, solve a large part of Internet users has been plagued by their problems? So users to your site will be very deep impression, the impression will be very good, and constantly introduce friends to use this website.

webmaster’s mind must also be broad, no broad mind, how can accommodate countless fans?. This particular one is not detailed.

well, just say so many, I wish you all the web site is booming, the majority of net friends more and more happy, network life is more and more colorful!


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