Webmaster popularity era how do you stay tight encirclement

        2010; for the Internet industry, or the popularity of the webmaster era, experienced the Internet’s anti vice baptism. After all, the webmaster of yellow website only accounts for a small part, it can be said that this part of the webmaster is a cancer of the internet. Really should be cleared, as a webmaster to do things on the Internet development is what we should do, and secondly, is to make money.

        through this baptism, all the people who stayed behind were fighting for a goal – providing a better network environment for the vast numbers of Internet users. Since we have such a vast majority of webmaster goals, ZF should be our vast number of Internet owners to give greater support and care. Not blindly rectify, unplug cable and so on, a series of Internet rectification measures. Aren’t you tired? Sit down and rest while you’re tired, and think about the problem before you can do it better.

      since we have stayed, we should devote ourselves to the development of China’s internet. The next thing to do is to stand out from all mortal beings. What we should do is not blindly imitate, blindly copy. We should have our own opinions and our own opinions.

      for myself, it can be said to be an old stationmaster. He also had several experience in the station building. Start every time, just take into account their convenience. It is convenient to copy and paste blindly. But not for the vast number of Internet users to provide some new and useful information. Summarize the previous experience, decided to set up the network nonno. China is a big agricultural country, and a site for farmers is built to help the Chinese internet.

    relatively speaking, China already has several agricultural sites. And well done. What should we do and break through? After analysis, and now do better agricultural sites. The object of service is to say that all the farmers, these sites have done a wide range. But there is no point in comparison. If a station serves too much territory, it will certainly be remiss in this respect. So I decided to be a site dedicated to the idea of serving farmers. In terms of content, it has done fine. Although not comparable to those large and wide site, but we have done fine. That’s our advantage.

      see the A5 to talk about a domain graph king to talk about how to choose the domain name   so in the planning of this site I decided to choose a site and is closely related to the Larry domain www.nongnuo.com (nunno) can be understood as the farmer’s commitment, can also be understood as the promise of farmers.

      as webmaster, if only copy >

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