Why did Secret the anonymous social leader die The imitators failed to grow

people laugh at the difference between a friend’s circle and a secret. In the circle of friends, someone is "issued by the state or BMW 5 series driving comfort, when the Audi A4 and I say goodbye!" in Secret, he may be "waking up early in the morning, I was burdened with a variety of car loan mortgage, the pressure is very big, living very tired!"

this time, the hero’s end is an anonymous social software that has been hot in overseas markets – Secret (Chinese name is secret).

Secret failed to show the idea I had founded the company’s vision, so I think, for me, our investors and the whole team, close Secret is a right decision." Secret CEO David · than Tero (David Byttow) said.

but that’s exactly what it’s all about. The decision has reignited the condemnation of "negative energy", the original sin of anonymous social applications.

when the "secret" who let people hate, and I challenge people’s bottom line and the legal and moral boundaries, anonymous social

in what can go far?


imitators failed to grow

and most former star App Secret, the once popular products at an astonishing rate through the short product life.

David Byttow is a former employee of Google, and his good connections make the App widely disseminated on Silicon Valley in the week on the line.

at the beginning of last year on the line, Secret was the most beautiful once climbed to App Store in the United States District Social standings fifteenth overall standings, 130th place. Two months after the on-line, this application in addition to harvest a pile of questions, but also harvested $10 million investment. Since then, Secret has gone through several rounds of financing, financing a total of $35 million.

is worth mentioning that last July, Secret got $25 million for the B round. Among them, the LIAN source fund from China successfully squeezed into this round, and become its only Chinese investors.

, when Sercet formally entered China, LIAN’s Strategy Fund also made a great effort to help Secret set up a team in china.

, and behind this, before Secret into China, many Chinese anonymous social imitators have long been a step ahead.

in May last year, to play the game network’s "private circle, the front flap core team to create a" Oh "application already has announced on the line.

as Secret’s first imitator in China, the secret created by the "no search team" came on April last year

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