How do non professional editors plan and write web content

for most personal webmaster, can be sure of is not the gunman, certainly is not a writer, can very clearly is the master. But acquisition collection content in this website, it is not easy to be included in the search engine, especially in the early new comes down to pre novice webmaster we must pay attention to the original web site content, the original estimate of most of the owners are unlikely, that there is no way the personal webmaster only the first act as a non professional website editor, here to begin this chapter said a website editor should probably say something


non professional website editors how to plan and write search engine that is original content, mainly grasp 4 points:

1. how to quickly and effectively find the article to be published;

2. how to write an article title;

3. how to arrange article content;

4. handles details of the article effectively;

follows the equinox expansion note;

article title is not identical,

article title is not identical to the search engine’s impression, the first feeling is: This is really no! So, this can be.

header processing:

Does the

1. Title make a claim, and does the title require a positive response


technique: after the above two points are determined, the title can be written by question answer

example: breast augmentation prosthesis how much money? According to material inquiry, avoid being fooled

2. promote product category

skills: bring regional prices, if you are the user, you are most concerned about what products, regional, you can effectively screen out the real local users, of course, if the big deal, it can be PASS,.

example: Beijing mosquito leg price PK cheapest is which?


3., I want to directly use other people’s title, eldest brother, or so you have to copy other people’s title, there is still a way,.

skills: Article Title upside down [lazy] title word equivalent method [smart webmaster] title word added method [poisoning deeper webmaster]

example: Liposuction weight loss achievement attractive figure [original title] attractive figure slimming liposuction suck out

is suitable for people who buy mosquito legs. [the title] needs several people to buy mosquito legs,

cheap American space agent [original title] introduced cheap American space


article emphasizes keyword

article content of the first 200 words is more important, will reflect the article is original, should try to appear the title of the article to strengthen the key word, around this keyword to make reasonable Lenovo

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