The user the algorithm knows that this time it’s on the opposite side of today’s headlines

When I met Huang Jixin, I noticed the ring on the ring finger of his left hand. Was it the last time the co-founder became a topic of conversation, or did he become a male guest of the


in the know, there is a question, is how to look at Huang Jixin in the "you are the one" on the performance, the number of points to praise the most one answer is: "know almost play well, you can not find the object."." But now the answer seems to be not so correct: in If You Are The One eliminated after a woman to contact him, like all novels in love at first sight, they quickly fell in love, in the last month, they took out a card, which was once in the know inside pass from mouth to mouth with approbation.

transplantation in the history of product innovation in Silicon Valley, knowledge sharing is a relatively unique object of study, not only from the business of the distance, but also by CO extrusion of search engines and social networks, so in addition to a risky venture capitalists for its high expectations, China entrepreneurial pragmatism uphold the team are melancholy, lack of motivation copy.

As a disciple of Quora in China,

‘s growth seems to be tangible: as of July 2015, the community already has 29 million registered users, with a monthly UV1.1 million and a cumulative monthly page view of 300 million. Now know that the total station has accumulated about 6 million 200 thousand problems, and nearly 20 million answer. Users always answer 4129244445 words, is nearly 100 times the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2580 times of the deer and the cauldron.

in precipitation of a large number of high-quality answer, how will the station content spread and share out, become the team know almost diligently study, therefore have to know almost daily, "money" and the operation, dozens of electronic publications. In his marriage and morality, Russell wrote, "ignorance is a pity." curiosity is a simple emotion that runs through human history. If you desire into flow, the user clicks on the actual problem, that is how to better tap the content and how to define the content of the future.

yesterday (September 24th) afternoon, I learned that it was officially launching a new mobile content consumer product – read the daily newspaper". In addition to inheriting the product concept of the daily newspaper, the daily reading is further extended on the basis of "human recommendation". Including everyone can create their own daily newspaper, invite others to join the editor. This seems to confirm the point of view in the book, "the death and life of the big city of America", which was repeatedly mentioned by CEO Zhou sources. "A city solves the security problem, and the next step is prosperity.".

so what’s the new book reading going to bring to you,


knows the daily history of evolution

knows that the daily newspaper was founded 2 years ago, that is, the time when it is officially open to the public. The rule of thumb is to share good content, which is a product concept that is complementary to knowledge

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