Talk about how do three months of static web site

webmaster web is a good stage, here you can not only write soft sell their website, also can each transaction, can also share with many webmaster and bitter experience the joy of success do. As a novice rookie webmaster, you know since 2008 December network owners have been paying attention to the webmaster nets, because I can learn a lot of knowledge in it, sharing create value! So I completed at the new site on the occasion, also want to share with you some of their own experience and experience to do stand


first from the newspaper portal, I am webmaster, the site of this situation: Turisthotellet industry website, fully static Chinese and English hotel website, a total of 170 effective internal links. Personal introduction, Luqiao 06 years after graduation, due to personal interests after graduation jobs engaged in the tourism industry, the individual is good at spoken English learning during the succession of Dreamwever, Coreldraw, Photoshop, Flash, Fireworks, ASP, CMS, the PHP database web forum and other related knowledge utterly ignorant of the dynamic website. Now through webmaster nets understand some web site SEO and promotion knowledge, so in the master cloud like webmaster nets, oneself is regarded as a low level rookie.

When the

beginner website also depends on their interest, because their jobs engaged in the tourism industry, most of the time when the tour guide, so there is no time what special learning website, just in my spare time to learn about fun, sometimes friends to do a simple web page or uploaded some new website content what, what is not in fact the technical content, because at that time of their individual stationmaster this occupation is not very clear, only know to do a special website company.

at the beginning of 2008 he officially recruited to a small hotel in Yangshuo to work, the nature of the work is the main hotel and network promotion, because it is a small place, the individual technical content is not very high, but the salary is not very high, but was bent on holding the first employment career, young learn more technology on the idea of peace of mind in this small hotel to do down. When I went to work in the hotel, the first task my boss gave me was the hotel portal website, and it was a website in both Chinese and english. Because I have learned some website making knowledge before, English is my strong point. So it’s OK to be a static English and Chinese website.

station steps like most webmaster, first apply the domain name to buy space, considering the stability of the site, be sure to choose a good service, I registered the domain name in China net headquarters (139 yuan / year), space is bought in nets of 100M (200 yuan / year) a total of 339 yuan / year. This is obviously expensive for a static web site with only 100M. Find a proxy

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