Chinese style Webmaster are you lost in 2013

see this title you will certainly have a cordial feeling, a deep sadness egg, a great confusion. Why? Why? Why is it called "Chinese style webmaster"? Why is sad? Why confused? Below?. Let habitual Tucao slowly come to your cat.


Why is



yes. Cordial. Kindness is because of the "Chinese style", this prefix recently hot, horrible, and everywhere are Chinese style title, there are wood, there are a variety of fiery passion. It’s all because of "Chinese style".

Chinese style crossing: 2013, May. There has been a nationwide crackdown on pedestrians crossing red lights and crossing streets. Can Chinese road crossing be suppressed,


Chinese style to this tour: Ding Jinhao, the bear child, with a very Chinese style signature. In Luxor, Egypt, the temple has a history of more than 3000 years of relief, askew askew inscribed "Ding × ×," here a tour".


why egg sadness?

egg sadness because of the grassroots webmaster heart was hurt very deep and sad and sad have? Said today the medical station all rectification. Tomorrow, the garbage chain to kill. The day after tomorrow that the filing information to complete, there are trees, the day after tomorrow that the origin of the algorithm must be original, is not it? I said, you Chinese webmaster went to the heart of it. Is not a bit sadness egg?

Why is

called Chinese webmaster


yes. Chinese webmaster. Because everyone is doing Baidu. The algorithms and rules of Baidu are the guidelines that Chinese webmasters must follow. This is Chinese style webmaster. Turn on the computer every day. The first thing is to see if there are any unexpected updates of Baidu rules and algorithms today. If you see anything new. Is there any search?. In the major forums to study together to explore, there are meters, there are several major mainstream webmaster forums, and even more traffic than the end of the world and mop. China has so many webmaster? Chinese style webmaster all have the same confusion?


Why is


?Why is

confused? Because the Internet in China was messed up in 2013. All kinds of wars. Various disputes. From the day when you became a webmaster. Never stopped. Can be described as four smoke. The small heart of our grass root stationmaster cannot bear directly. From the 3Q war to the 3B war. How many burning years did everyone spend with 360 Tencent and Baidu, until now?. The dispute, which had no smoke, continued quietly. Quiet horrifying. And these disputes bring us grassroots webmaster, I think, only the confusion left.

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