Platform is not bad users do not love

in the past few years, the forum, community, social class products experienced ups and downs in micro-blog’s impact, the user gradually abandoned the skyline, and everyone, WeChat and micro-blog make a bit pale. In the market of Pan social platform, and "fun" and "Adorable" and "hardcore" non mainstream "bad" culture, continues to attract the majority of young friends, let social platforms have a totally different culture. And this is the real appeal of the users.

people are looking for Tucao shrines, everywhere are slot point, everyone loves tucao. A lot of sticky platform, but also to Tucao and spoof fun. During the world cup this year, almost every game is Post Bar friends to play bad, Ochoa, big octopus of magic spoof Suarez…… A large number of stars have not been spared, and even the post also suffer, a large number of pseudo fans and real fans together Tucao World Cup every game, Tucao and happy.

Post Bar World Cup, has released about ten million posts, every game has numerous slot point, especially when Italy against Uruguay, Suarez bite event is detonated the whole bar. Post Bar friends what can play bad, don’t play happily, for example, there are more than 56% friends comments, Team USA was losing the game, because the attack of the German team even fly do not fly, not to mention the United States captain; more than 35% of the friends said, in order to carry forward the spirit of the game, Portugal William let Ayoubi stalwart privates exposed in front of people all over the world; more than 47% friends comments, Belgium was sent off as a member of the South Korean team to win not only themselves to blame, the referee can only help you to it; more than 58% friends comments, brother Li Starr with ball on her knees and moved God, even the 10 people can create history……

Sina micro-blog

is different from the opinion leaders topic guide, NetEase and Tencent’s flagship information delivery and Sohu video entertainment ball commentary, the Baidu Post Bar play bad world cup to maximize the mobilization of grassroots participation of users. To actively participate in the grassroots Post Bar "bad" culture continued bursting, in fact, micro-blog is widely reproduced in the popular World Cup spoof atlas mostly by Post Bar in Post Bar, has become the birthplace of spoof information tucao.

during the world cup, Baidu post bar has always maintained a very high user stickiness. "Bad" content has become the most promising adhesive, which is not available on other platforms. To live for interest is itself a powerful force of polymerization. When the "World Cup" has become the world’s interest in football, pseudo fans more still can enjoy in the Post Bar share and create belong to the grassroots bad love is a good thing.

in fact, the world cup Tucao Post Bar "bad" is only a microcosm of culture, when your mouth every day, talking about the nouveau riche grass root and white Formica, tall, rich and handsome, and people do not split the storm, love does not feel tired, He Qiliao and I stayed partner, you have been in the subtle Post Bar cultural influences. The network is Post Bar >

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