Dark horse Chinese music network price 50 yuan 1000PSorry your market maker is out of line

new three board online according to the Eastern wealth Choice data incomplete statistics found that in 2017 only more than 8 months, there are 424 market makers withdraw from the case, almost in the past year nearly three times.

prior to August 2nd, Huarong securities also exit Jindal, lingzhi environmental protection two shares of market making services, at the same time, the "active" exit the market making services and Huatai Securities Jin Zhengfang, Haiyang, Kyushu securities packaging, Orient Securities Jin Haian, Guangzhou securities or church, CITIC Securities ST line Wyatt etc..

stock transfer system data show that as of August 3, 2017, Societe Generale Securities to hold 277 market share, ranking first place in the market making business volume, followed by Thai securities 2>



99.cn: www.99.cn China music network, is based on the "Chinese pop music billboard new cross media entertainment portal.
site covers the latest global Chinese music, Chinese music fans, Chinese star, Chinese record company etc. the core of Chinese music resources, is committed to become the most influential Chinese music circle and the largest new media entertainment portal.

, August 1st, Huafu securities market making services out of the Yunnan culture, the sky digital 9 listed company, Hengtai securities 4 market shares even back, Haitong Securities, securities brokerage brokerage and 7 have the same action.

can see, market makers to accelerate the pace of withdrawal from the second half of 2016 began. Especially in November 2016, the stock market exit case exceeded 100 mark, then all the way to mengjin.

why do market makers such a one-time liquidation of several market share

it is worth mentioning that, behind the market maker to accelerate the pace of withdrawal, directly lead to a sharp decline in its business volume.

is another big market maker out of the tide.


data show that from 2015 to the end of 2016, a total of 159 market makers out of the case. The first public exit case occurred in October 29, 2015, when China Merchants Securities market making services to exit the cold chain. Since then, each month, market makers quit cases began to slow increase.

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the same day, in addition to Huaan securities from the 6 branch of the stock market making, Shanghai Huaxin securities, Huarong securities loan Zhuang Xin exit exit rosan leasing market ranks.


August 3, 2017, three new Board Listed Company Huasheng Holdings 430686, Jin Zhengfang 430554, 831003, Kim shares ST Wyatt 430357, education 430518, Jiada Sheng Photoelectric 831504 and coincidentally announced, Huaan securities from tomorrow August 4, 2017 starting from market making services.

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need to add is that each market maker has different standards, investment decisions. Similar lianxun securities, Kai Lushi, Yuan Science and technology performance good market shares, there are market makers based on their own factors of entry and exit.

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market making business volume fell to trough

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