Yang Cheng said the web site may not bring the most P pages From several major advertising League r

2 if a website is accessed by search engines, most of them are concentrated on the homepage of the website. It is likely to reflect the irrational use of content resources in the entire website;


that’s all I have to say. If you have any ideas, please ask me for advice. Thank you.

below lists several representative advertising alliances:

, if the search engine for the web site to bring the amount of access to the contribution rate, the home page for website promotion may not be the most important.

2 of each site may have several core keywords or popular keywords i.e. through the search engine to bring traffic to a higher proportion for the website of words, but these keywords and related content does not necessarily appear on the home page, may appear in a certain section of the page;

Why does

say so? The home page is not necessarily a web page that brings most visitors to the site by search engines. This can be explained in several ways:

3 a reasonable website optimization program should allow each web page to become a user’s promotional resources.

key word is searched, relevance of search engine search is not the highest;

3 according to the statistical analysis of multiple site visits, most of the rich content and access to the site a large amount of home visits for the entire site traffic proportion is often high, which shows the most visitors through the website home page is not the first to enter each content page, after the actual user browsing their most directly the information through the search engine is not to leave home but directly.

1 in consideration of web search engine promotion strategy, especially to develop web content strategy, if focused on the web page and do not pay attention to the design strategies of the entire site, will be difficult to obtain significant search engine promotion effect;

shows that the home page is not necessarily a web site with the most visited web pages. Through this phenomenon, the following inferences can be drawn:

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in the past few days in the study done before, in the personal Adsense flourishing several advertising Union, today will their research results casually written, published personal views, for the majority of webmaster friends exchange.

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1 home page is a comprehensive site content, but for a product a keyword, the home page is not the most concentrated content of the page, it means that with the user through the website of a certain

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