Underlying staff distress executives adjust to bring company genetic changesSun Tzu’s art of war and

strategy, is a focus on the overall situation and long-term planning, is the science and art of a use of force in high rationality under the guidance of great wisdom; site in today’s competitive environment, to achieve success is not easy, the the fierce degree will be less than the real war, the development of the website must have the correct strategy, in order to achieve the desired goals, to achieve long-term development, and keep the position of leadership.

strategy, is a lack of the support of the rational and moral requirements of the fraud, is a little trick. As the website optimization, keywords, website promotion and so on various cheating means only a small trick, only made a little success in the local, not enough to support the long-term development of the site.

sincerely: from five aspects based on the website and the competitor’s information for comparative analysis, so as to explore the possibility of victory. The Tao is the basic orientation of a website, the website, must be reasonable and legitimate, fully representative of the interests of users, meet their needs, real value to society. The so-called day refers to all aspects of social change and development trend, as a webmaster, must understand the trend of network technology, Internet users demand trends, changes in national policy trends and so on, with flexibility. The so-called, refers to the website development environment,.

in Levin Thorne’s leadership, YAHOO plans to promote the development of media business. He reached a cooperation agreement with a number of media companies to enrich the content source, and on this basis to strengthen advertising sales. At the same time, YAHOO has expanded its editorial team to highlight the importance of media business.

in addition to YAHOO, a number of other technology companies have also changed in recent years

recently, a number of large technology companies have replaced leaders, who have a completely different background than their predecessors, and have made the company on a different path. Such personnel changes may be advantageous or detrimental to different departments within the company.

bottom staff distress: executives adjust to bring the company gene change

however, after Meijer arrived, the situation took a 180 degree turn. She aggressively recruited her management team and stopped the expansion of YAHOO in the media sector. There are rumors that Meijer and YAHOO board negotiations, focusing on the number of YAHOO engineers asked. There is no doubt that under Meijer’s leadership, the position of engineers and news editors will be reversed gradually within the company.


July 17th, YAHOO appointed Meijer, former vice president of shlf1314 Marissa Mayer for CEO, to replace the transition period CEO Levinsohn Levin Ross thorn. Since its inception, YAHOO has been wavering about its positioning, sometimes hoping to become a technology company, sometimes hoping to become a media company. The executive change once again highlighted this contradiction.

, Levin, thorn, and Meijer have a totally different background. Prior to joining YAHOO, he worked for Murdoch’s news group for a long time and was in charge of Fawkes Sports Interactive Media business. Prior to this, he also served in the Cbs Broadcasting Inc CBS. From his professional experience, he is a standard media man.

the experience of Meijer and Levin thorne. She is the first female engineer of shlf1314, has been responsible for a number of shlf1314 products, including fist product search engines, as well as shlf1314 toolbar, shlf1314 desktop and shlf1314 labs. Meijer’s mastery of the technology and the assurance of the product are well known.

There is a world of difference

as an engineer or editor, have you ever thought of working under the leadership of a financial expert, and as a salesperson, can you stand the command of an expert who doesn’t know how to sell?

most of the time, enterprise leaders are not only professional managers, but have their own good areas. They have either studied in a particular field, or engaged in some aspect of their work in the initial stages of their careers, or have worked in a particular field for a long time. This will mark a deep imprint on their professional skills and, in the process of leading the company, will influence their perceptions and decisions about the various departments of the company.

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