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, co author of the 32 year old brain tumor, is also a malignant tumor.

1, the founder is not willing to serve as CEO. Not all inventors want to run a company. If you don’t want to be a CEO, then your chances of success are pretty low. CEO management skills are difficult to master, so if you do not have a strong will, the founder is bound to suffer failure. If you’re a founder who doesn’t want to be a CEO, it doesn’t matter, but you have to understand this earlier, so that you can give yourself and your pain.

our friendship began 12 years ago Standford was in a Frisbee golf club first met, after we found each other views on the basketball game and the Dick Vital ESPN basketball commentator. Finally, we founded the first high-tech enterprises in the dormitory, although no success, but we the first venture of the company for $60 million acquisition. For the next five years, Ronnie joined shlf1314 Corporation and established the Adwords optimization team, while I went to Seattle.

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2, the board panicked. Sometimes the founder doesn’t want to be a CEO, but the board sees him making a mistake and panics and changes quickly. It’s a tragedy, but it’s very common.

to say the least, the past few months have been extremely difficult. Ronnie Castro is not only the author’s best friend, but also a business partner. Whether it’s work or study, personal or emotional or even help to the business, it hurts deeply for the writer.

3, product CEO dilemma Product CEO Paradox. Many founders get stuck in the product CEO dilemma. I’ll explain that.

when replying to these messages, I would say, "no, I won’t rewrite that article, but I’ll have to re write it.". The founder failed in managing his own company. There are three main reasons for this:

the first thing is to add 15 naughty and clever interns. If companies give students clear goals, they can have a huge impact on your business. Interns often have a strong desire for corporate influence and meaningful work. Startups are an important springboard for any intern’s career.


because I was a major advocate of the founder’s own management company, so when there is failure to lead the development of company founder, was replaced by CEO or occupation, many people will send email to me. Ben, what’s going on? I think the founders should have done better. Will you update your own "why do we love to start CEO"


Tencent Francisco David in Beijing on August 11th news, according to foreign media reports, the well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalists · Horowitz Ben Horowitz recently published an article that the company founder and CEO is not easy, especially vulnerable to the CEO dilemma". To solve this problem, we need to grasp the "participation" and "exit"".

sitting in the hospital waiting for a friend, so that each of us stopped, began to think about life and work. We certainly depend on Ronnie very much and do our best to keep the work going. He should be in good order when he gets back to the company. In order to achieve this, we decided to do some addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

, a friend of mine, who leads his company from nothing to more than $1 billion a year, is relentlessly committed to the development of the product sector. He personally took part in the company’s product planning and Implementation

below is the main content of the article:

is it serious? Ronnie is 32 years old. He looks very healthy. He’s just had second children. During his operation, the baby is still asleep in the cradle.

interns help companies not only on cost, but also during our waiting for Ronnie’s diagnosis, interns have solved some of the things that were originally held by Ronnie. Looking back, interns are definitely a laudable resource for businesses. They are less risky and, if properly arranged, will work with companies

about a year ago, we met again and co founded Porch. For the author, it’s a dream: work with your best friends, solve practical problems, and make the world a better place in a sustainable way. This wonderful work life goes on until March of this year. Ronnie’s headache turned into dizziness: an MRI, a four inch tumor, followed by a 17 hour brain surgery.

· venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz co-founder and partner was Opsware previously called Loudcloud, has been acquired by HP and co-founder of CEO, has also worked in the Netscape Department of a number of products. At present, he works on a number of board of directors, including Capriza, Foursquare, Jawbone, Lytro, Magnet, NationBuilder, Okta, Rap, Genius, SnapLogic and Tidemark.

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