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first of all, Aladdin is eager to be bought. Whether it is repeatedly reduced prices, or untold hardships, ask grandpa grandmother to repurchase small and medium-sized shareholder shares, Aladdin sincerity is obvious.

March 1, 2017, Aladdin received the honor to scientific "unilateral termination letter", were told this acquisition end. The reason is that Aladdin is delaying progress on the acquisition transaction, and the transaction may not be completed on time.

not read Jun favoring the new board, although science has long lost, but Aladdin is the worst.

originally 21.5 yuan, small and medium-sized shareholders do not agree, and now dropped to 17.97 yuan, small and medium shareholders are desperately resisting. But in February 22, 2017, the long science bulletin said Aladdin 101 shareholders, only 23 shareholders upon receipt of this letter, willing to participate in the acquisition.

small shareholders do not want to be repurchased, it does not matter, Aladdin major shareholders can run by themselves. But after three months, the long scientific adjustment plan, will be part of the acquisition to 100% acquisition, assessment agencies estimated price is 680 million yuan, the purchase price of 17.97 yuan / share the corresponding.

shareholder full of sincerity to be acquired, the small shareholders refused to cooperate with the delayed acquisition, stalemate before long, science lose patience.

because these small and medium shareholders part of the participation of Aladdin 30 yuan / share fixed increase, more is to 23.28 yuan to 47.79 yuan price, buy from the two market. Agreed to 21.5 yuan / share repurchase program, the loss becomes a real loss, how can this be done,

years ago bubble, e-commerce industry as a whole into disillusionment. Today, with more realistic expectations, e-commerce is once again recovering and growing rapidly, and is everywhere now.

small shareholders refused to cooperate, the acquisition was terminated

in the new three board company mergers and acquisitions case, Aladdin is typical.

at the beginning, Aladdin is "slag", staged "pilot parachuting, the small shareholders stay in the cabin" story. It happened in September 12, 2016, when the long science intends to acquire 4 major shareholders 64% of the shares, this part of the underlying equity valuation 680 million.

so long, it is scientific action to bring Aladdin to the report. But, pro, Aladdin didn’t really mean it. It was miserable, too.

is offered to break up long science, but science is not a bit happy long. The company said at an investment statement meeting that such results have affected investor confidence and investment expectations for the company’s development and will take legal measures to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,



mergers and acquisitions difficult, small shareholders when the problem must be solved?


in fact, Aladdin is not so "slag", it was intended to take a small shareholder of the take-off. Read that you know, before the acquisition program was announced, Aladdin had hoped to buy shares of minority shareholders at the price of 21.5 yuan / share, but was rejected.

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