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, but online shop is not absolutely risk-free. For shopkeepers and customers, credit is the biggest risk. For example, the owner, offline transactions, on one hand, one hand goods, and online trading customers orders and payment there is always a time interval, once into the goods after the customer order is cancelled, will cause losses to the shopkeeper and disputes. And to the client, if remit money, encounter the businessman that does not have good faith, also can cause no small loss.

 :   there are three main transaction modes in online trading network, that is, personal goods bidding, online marketing and business monopoly. But the way the business monopoly gained a great development in recent years, the Internet "Wangfujing" type of website is more popular, which provides a trading platform, a large number of businessmen to establish virtual stores in this website, the "B2B2C" mode of transaction has accounted for about 60% of total turnover. The main sources of revenue for such websites are: commodity auction service fees, commodity landing fees, transaction fees, advertising revenue, online direct income and so on.
is the so-called "Wangfujing" of popular online merchants welcome to online gift shop, for example, the online shop has become more and more small gift shop, this allocation under the pressure of competition. Southern small gift shops abound, many people want to open, but forced to close more competition. According to a survey commissioned by the Shanghai Zero: Shanghai small gift shop closed number increased month by month, from the beginning of 2002 to 500 about the size of a road up to more than 1200 in November. In accordance with the total number of small gift shops in Shanghai around 10000 statistics, the closure rate of about 12%. Such a high rate of failure stems from the high operating costs, businesses in Huaihai Road leased a storefront, each month to spend about 42000 yuan. If you want to run their own characteristics, do slightly storefront renovation, the initial investment thirty thousand or forty thousand not impossible. Webmaster Trading Forum, bbs.admin5,

but online shop is quite different, "in the online gift categories, renting a storefront does not cost a penny.". You can shop for 24 hours, for buyers all over the country, and maybe foreign buyers. Ad prices are absolutely cheap. There’s a classified search engine to make sure customers find you in 10 seconds……" A ZIPPO lighters business Qin said in a breath of several reasons, and finally do not forget to sum up a sentence: "and its network sigh, it is better to attack online."." Try to persuade colleagues to do business online.

for consumers, low cost business also means that the price of cheap goods on the Internet, and a wide range of choice, search convenient, can through a variety of commodity price information about prices, even bargain without fear of being slaughtered, and can stay at home to take the goods, can be described as a lot of convenience.

spent two days off on weekends to train the ten employees online. "Help them to collect the mainstream group buys the website and the commodity address of each website. Teach them to open their own shop. The up and down operation of the product. In addition to the online community to exchange their own shop to several mainstream to the text, how to write soft paper and other related knowledge how to write soft paper and optimization skills will be in the future shop owners in the diary details". Each person is required to have at least two to three valuable commodities every day. Kill a valuable commodity a week. The items I buy are sent to several related communities as I requested and placed on my own shop. In the meantime, my daily job is to look at what they get and sell every day. And software insect insect insect mass is the use of a SEO and optimization techniques of software bugs and webmaster, send goods information on the 80 thousand day forum. At the same time, I have an online shopping sharing community, everyone will publish the information to this website this community final turnover accounted for 15%, the web site will not be issued, otherwise it will become a soft text.

a few months ago, the weather was especially good. In the afternoon, I visited the supermarket with a lot of patience. This supermarket is big. It has three floors. The inside of the goods is dazzling, the supermarket is this one of the most fire inside the supermarket, things cheaper than other places and special offer every day. It happened that the supermarket was having an activity today, and sixteen items could be drawn. I counted the items I bought, and I still lost two. So I picked it up on the first floor. When I look at a special big red date, suddenly a cart of women come over, put this special commodity big red dates are put on their shopping cart. Then she rushed to grab the other special offer goods. I see her, she is the mistress of a small grocery store downstairs. In this special offer of the original more than 60 star jujube, jujube, special offer after less than 30. It suddenly gave me some inspiration, and for the next month I did a very productive thing.

credit issue is the premise and key to make e-commerce bigger and better

briefly explain the profit margins. For example, we have organized a film ticket from the U. S. mission. Beijing generally large prices are 80 yuan -120 yuan. This group purchase movie is 42 yuan worth 200 yuan, 2 movie tickets, +2 cup cola, +1 popcorn, Group buy end our selling price >

title looks a bit like the title of the party or soft text, but I believe you do not think so after reading it. The whole process was an experience I had a few months ago.

first, I recruited a few part-time in his hometown Beijing a month to 1000-2000 yuan, the home of the five hundred a month, Le fart finally recruit a total of ten people, three students, seven unemployed young people. They share a common trait, preferring shopping online. Among them, three monthly salary of six hundred, seven is five hundred, the monthly labor costs as follows 3*600+7*500=5300RMB

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